Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Christmas-Great... the FUTURE-Bah Humbug!

Smoking Bans KILL businesses-FACT!

     As you can easily see from our pre-christmas post there is very little to get excited about except for the couple of days that constitute our Christmas. I say our Christmas because other 'religions' have Christmas at different times and for those that declare that we SHOUDN'T say Happy/Merry Christmas for fear of upsetting others then I think they ought to get a life and look at what is happening around them-don't you?
Lets start with Tower Hamlets where the 'king' has been deposed (thankfully). Luftur Rahman has had his powers depleted considerably as common sense has taken over -  whereby Rahman is no longer able to 'dish out' grants or sell property/ies (on favourable terms no doubt!) to whomever it suits him to do so. Remember, this is the idiot that is quite happy to all ow vigilante  groups to walk around the streets at night declaring 'Sharia law' this, that and t'other, when in actual fact, Tower Hamlets is still part of this country! Good honest citizens are afraid to go out at night for fear of being found beheaded or beaten to death the following morning courtesy of some heathen practice emanating from a thrid world 'religious' fanaticism. Funnily enough, one world leader has got this situation absolutely spot on and I doff the metaphorical to Vladimir Putin who says that those wanting to abide by Sharia Law should bugger off to a Sharia Law Country and live happily ever after. Now why can't Camoron show everyone that he has a pair of balls and state the same? Camoron is allowing these nutcases to get away with murder (quite literally) as he fails to act on any sort of threat to this countries stabilty.
     The stability of this country is being derailed slowly but surely as more & more immigrants pile into this little island. It is obvious already that we cannot cope with anymore 'random souls' as they are putting an enormous strain on our welfare system, our medical profession and our schools. Indeed, one school is in a bizarre situation where even a support assistant who was not even fluent in  English!
"At one school in Derby, the number of Roma pupils rose from four to 99 – almost a third of its roll – in three years."
     It is blatantly obvious that we cannot continue this way and it is now becoming blinding clear that Blair was nothing but a traitor for he set the stall out to bankrupt this country by amending the Human Rights Act, thus allowing 'open borders', permitting all these people to escape from their own poverty stricken country to come here and create another poverty stricken country! As we all know, Blair now sits upon a £multi-million portfolio while Cherie Blair trots around buying up the odd street here and there! Complete contempt for the working classes or what???
     Talking of Cherie Blair (even though I find it repugnant to do so), she was once hired by an old friend of mine to fight the smoking ban. Dave West was totally against the law as it 'impinged on his rights as a business owner' and he was quite right too. When the smoking ban was enacted, Dave could have bought & sold the Blairs and he only hired her as a 'piss-take' against the establishment. I remember him and a friend appearing at a magistrates court with 'early days' e-cigs in employment..... absolute uproar from the bench and Dave kindly asked the sitting magistrates if they even knew what an e-cigarette was? Flamboyant nightclub owner David West Sadly, nightclub owner & entrepeneur Dave West was shot dead in his Mayfair home a couple of days ago, and so, is no more. I'll take a fair bet that such as Arnott, Sandford, Dockrell etc are absolutely delighted at this turn of events as Dave was one of the few people who actually had the wealth to take these prohibitionist ass-holes to proper courts of law, where truth & justice must prevail: there are very few of them (courts that is) left unfortunately. Rest in peace Dave!
     Talking of prohibitionist assholes I see that the lunatics on the other side of Hadrians Wall are pressing ahead with the ridiculous banning of smoking in cars with children in them! Simon Clark sums it all quite nicely here and also here, where it it is clearly spelled out that it has absolutely nothing to do with health and all to do with control.
Regarding a radio show 'Morning Call'. Also on the programme was John Watson of ASH Scotland which has been advising Hume on his Bill. (How political is that? Further evidence of taxpayers' money being used by a 'charity' to lobby government. Shameless.)
Now you explain to me how a gov't funded 'charity' is sat there advising anti-tobacco loons on how to proceed - surely, they are no longer worthy of charity status? Time for those dressed up dolls in the back seats folks, I just cannot wait for the first case to be heard (in any court) when the 'evidence' is carried into court in two carrier bags! Please allow me the honour of defending whoever happens to be the accused! I will have a 'friendly ' reporter there and also tape the entire proceedings.

Talking of numpties it seems that our very own 'Buntersque' Mr Pickles has suddenly woken up to the reality of what the EU actually plan to do with our once happy little island!
"Mr Pickles, the Local Government Secretary, says he is incensed to have discovered that Eurocrats are planning to roll out a new Arc Manche ‘transnational emblem’ across England."
"Arc bleedin' Manch`". We are England, Scotland & Wales (with a bit of Ireland over the water-the EU has already got the southern bit!), we don't need any involvement with this idiotic, bankrupting  'United States of Europe'; we are our own people. Apparently we could even have our own 'new flag'!
     I said long ago that all the EU want is our money, our prosperity & our riches and so it is proving, yet we have idiot puppets like Camoron & Miliband stating that they prefer to be in the EU. Why? How much are they being bribed with? They are both traitors-just like Blair!
Is it any wonder that more and more local councillors are deserting the ranks and joining UKIP. Is it any wonder that more and more ordinary people are joining the UKIP ranks as election time nears. we had a local election near Leicester a week ago:
Richard Crouch December 11 at 8:58pm About 300 votes so far in a 1700 voter ward nearly 20 percent turnout. They are astounded in the polling station. It's definitely inspired people in a positive and negative way for us to get out and vote it's down to UKIP standing. UKIP are agents for democracy!
From a 'standing start', first time UKIP presence, Richard Crouch amassed about 40% of the vote - a tremendous effort that shows that people are listening to the COMMON SENSE factor. By God we need some common sense in our Leicester City Council where our esteemed elected Mayor simply rides roughshod over whatever he feels like-the problem being of course that Leicester people still think we are in the 1960's as far as politics are concerned. So it's Labour = disaster, more Labour = more disaster. This city is finished yet Soulsby mirrors the pro-EU fanatics by welcoming immigrants by the bucketful. Yes, Soulsby (yet another career politician), you have plenty to answer for so hopefully we will get a couple of UKIP councillors nicely seated in opposition to city/nation murdering Labour.
You see folks, multiculturalism brings this:
Reuters/Khaled Abdullah 
A brace of walking-talking-living-dolls/terrorists
     Now you tell me this: when confronted by a couple of these robed creatures as you walk down the street, would you be happy? Would you be confident that they were ordinary muslim women? Would you be confident that these two wouldn't suddenly start shouting Allah Akbar and produce guns & bombs? Are you actually happy that your town/city is being over-run by these immigrants? I would imagine that the answer has to be no, so, the only thing you can do is to vote UKIP because Camoron & Miliband have both publicly stated that 'the doors stay open'!
     They also say that multiculturalism fills the job vacancies around the country: what an absolute crock-of-crap that statement is! How employable are all these immigrants that can't even speak our language-except to  say 'dole' or 'benefits'. What is the point of 200 immigrants marching in, only to fill one or two job vacancies? How do we support the other 198?
     Too many things wrong in this country! Too many immigrants being allowed in! Too many people needing to use foobanks! Too much "Foreign Aid" going to supposed countries in need! We suffer 'austerity' measures yet continue to pay the thieves in Brussels £55,000,000 per day. Crime spirals thanks to immigrants but we cut back our police forces due to costs.You really couldn't make it up, it's like Alice in Wonderland on cocaine! So I wish you all a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS but it is Bah Humbug to the future - at present!


  1. Enjoyed reading that Phil, we are indeed run by agents of the EU dictatorship, agents who have no respect for the British opinion only those opinions of Foreigners backed by the PC brigade. Will be using your superb EU free graphic.

  2. Well Phil, you have just about ended the year in the same way that you started, by Telling the Truth about the ridiculous situation we have in this Country. But I believe that the message is getting out and who knows that in 2015 common sense may well be shown. UKIP are the only party to show such sense so I can only hope that they go from strength to strength next year.

    I wish you and everyone a Happy Christmas and a very much better New Year.


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