Tuesday, 2 December 2014

"Mili/Cam"- it's all going so wrong!

Smoking Band kill Businesses - FACT

     We have a brace of political leaders who continue to think they are of the King Canute mould - and, it would be more than fair to say, both are just as stupid as the other! As the Mili/Cam lie spin machines try and gloss over all that is patently wrong with this country it becomes increasingly obvious why the people are now waking up to the third eye of British politics. Please don't be thinking that I am referring to the dummy party known as the ilLiberal-unDemocrats: I'm not! They were finished as a political force only two days into this inglorious coalition after the Cleggeron totally dismissed any amendment (you really do need to watch/listen to the prat!) of the smoking ban..... because of ..... and because of...... for the reasons of...... (well, I don't really know why, in truth, for there was no scientific validity behind the words!) No, the 'third eye' in British politics is the purple & yellow brigade, the "Foraging Faragers" who again proved that standing in different colours at an election is no deterrent to winning/retaining ones seat! Tories 0 v 2 UKIP - says it all methinks!
  Carswell & Reckless have proven that the British people no longer trust the snobby, out of touch Tories - and why should they? They've done nothing but lie and con their way through 41/2 years of non constructive government, lining their rather fat pockets along the way and ensuring that many thousands of people will still be in debt when they die!
Go for it Dave-anymore shit to shovel?

     They refused to amend the smoking ban which has cost this country oh so dearly; ie it works out at £1/2bn every single month - and don't forget that every time another pub/club closes its doors for good, that figure goes up again. It seems that everyone in government is afraid of the Health Lobby, who will, without doubt, greatly assist in the bankruptcy of this once great country. They moan & groan about smoking/smokers but here we find the argument destroyed "to the 'nth degree" as Karam (109) & Katari Chand (102) celebrate their 89th wedding anniversary - and Karam, we find, still drinks whiskey/brandy and smokes his fags! No 'premature death' for these two then!!! (let us not forget that there is no such thing as a premature death for the simple reason that no one single person is born with an expiry date stamped on their person!) "Premature death" is merely a lie, a figment of some health manipulator of figures so as to produce yet another 'fear factor' with which to browbeat the ignorant and those from whom vast sums of money can be made - us! These two human beings have totally blasted the health brigade into obscurity - I'll bet they won't be headlining this at the next Tobacco Control meeting!

Karam Chand (pictured left) celebrated 109 on the same day his wife of 89 years, Kartari, (right) turned 102  a magnificent 89 not out!
     You see folks, what you have to remember is this: when the next pub/club goes bust it averages 8-10 people unemployed. It leaves the local authority lacking in Council Tax and whatever other 'taxes' they may have imposed on said business. It leaves 8-10 people on an ever  growing scrapheap of human waste (jobless entities) and I say scrapheap because the Mili/Cam machine simply want to kill off more jobs and also bring in more immigrants to "do the jobs that British people won't do": what an absolute load of cobblers! The last pub/club that shut its doors had 8-10 happily employed British people in it. They were paying taxes like the rest of us, they were taking home a wage and probably making ends meet..... but then Blairs idiot brigade were totally hoodwinked by Arnott & Co and brought in a total smoking ban, ably aided by state funded liars like Linda Bauld of Stirling University et al (wanna take me on Linda?) who blandly declared that smoking bans had no derogatory effect on pubs/clubs etc (and then wondered why she received hate mail!). They are still trying to force through Plain Packaging (PP) and have taken no notice of what has been going on in Australia, save for the fact that they sent that fat buffoon 'down under' for a few weeks 'jolly' so as to come back and declare that PP "May have a positive affect on youth smoking". I could have saved them/us/taxpayers £££thousands£££ by saying exactly the same thing ..... had they bothered to ask me!
Down under proved a complete failure!

     We had Donaldson (obviously promised a nice cosy job somewhere by the WHO) throwing a hissy fit and threatening to resign if his views weren't met - and like Blair, he wanted the money! (2 years later the prat was forced to resign over the supposed swine flu epidemic that was to kill 65,000+ people and a completely botched doctors application process! Some medical officer eh!) And then of course we had the spin doctors out in force telling all licensees that millions of 'fresh air drinkers' were just waiting over them thar hills' - and they sucked an entire industry in! Seven years on and the WHO has declared SHS a virtual nonentity despite the smoking ban being brought in on the back of the fear of barworkers dropping like flies as they toiled behind smokey bars-before going out for their fag breaks! It has cost the hospitality industry nigh on 200,000 jobs yet immigration has beaten that by a long, l - o - n - g  way! Why?
What did they say-we are only expecting about 30,000 to come here? (Romania/Bulgaria forecast a year ago!)
     It seems that Bulgaria has beaten that figure on their own and as for Romanians, well, they are simply running riot! But why is this you have to ask? And the answer is very, very simple indeed. The Mili/Cam mob have been either threatened with assassination (very unlikely sadly) if they pull out of the doomed EU or they have been promised much £££milk££ & £££honey£££  after their political careers have finished-and that looks to be fairly soon in my humble opinion. 
     What part the Bilderberg group or the NWO play in all this I'm not sure but the one thing that is for sure is that they are both selling this country down the old Suwanee River! The second thing for sure  is that we don't need the EU - they need us! The third thing is that they are intent on fleecing this country which basically makes any pro-EU MP a traitor to this country! We don't need the EU to trade, in fact our trading with the EU is decreasing! Not too difficult to see where it's all going so wrong is it.
How utterly blinded can people still be?
     There are so many negatives to being IN this disgraceful  organisation that I can't see any other reason, excepting bribery, for either of our party 'leaders' still wanting a part of the most corrupt organisation I've ever seen. Even the Mafia pale into insignificance compared to this lot! With the EU we've has straight bananas for God's sake and now we are on to Marigold gloves apparently:

The price of marigolds and oven gloves could go up by 20 per cent because of European Union regulations designed to stop people being injured while cooking and cleaning.

     So what now from the lunatic asylum, aka, Brussels? Steel finger caps in our Marigolds? elasticated wristbands to stop those dreaded detergent bubbles sneaking inside the gloves? Marigolds that reach the elbows even? And will it be made a crime to NOT wear a pair of Marigolds? Who knows just how far this madness will go? 
     This why the people of this once great country need to wise up asap and vote for the "Foraging Faragers" so that we get some common sense politicians in those rather grandiose chambers in Westminster. I am very pleased to note that my 'possible dozen UKIP MPs' (last years estimation) has exploded in the media and I've seen some reports that UKIP could (I said could) hit the forty mark-yes, I know, a totally ridiculous figure altogether..... but don't be surprised if my initial, hopeful estimate doubles in reality! Two dozen UKIP MPs could actually cause mayhem to either of the other two parties. You note again that I only mention 'the other two parties'..... well, there is no point mentioning the orange team as Clegg has the dubious distinction of leading his demoralised mob into extinction-if he survives until May next year!
     So the message is clear folks: they are saying that if you vote UKIP you are stealing votes from Labour or Conservative but the truth is that if you vote UKIP you are simply getting UKIP, you are getting COMMON SENSE and you are moving well away from that "same old, same old"; ie the lies, the fabrications, the manipulated statistics and the use of out dated, boring old junk science! You are also moving away from wasting £55,000,000 per day on the EU Titanic and suddenly have the ability to close down immigration without some clown over the water saying 'non' or 'nein'.

      Just look at Labours latest festive cheer (Andy Burnham) - "Stop kids eating mince pies" as they might make them fat or the production of a pill (£3) to stop people drinking more than 1 pint a day. Pooh-bobs to that idiotic idea then! When this boy goes out he enjoys 3 maybe 4 whole pints with a meal and considering that this boy now goes out only maybe once or twice per fortnight, that silly pill might as well not exist! More health lunacy from the people that have no idea of the ordinary working class and their humble pleasures! They simply haven't yet caught onto the fact that people want to enjoy themselves, not live in a 'healthcare-straightjacket'!
     Come on people, you know where you best options lay - and they are NOT Red, Orange or Blue: join the peoples army and watch this country grow again even now it's not too late!



  1. Britain is handing over obscene amounts of cash to the EU every day in return for very little. It needs to reinvest that money in this country

  2. A good piece and the facts are all there, the anti smoking quangos as we know have no concern over Business closures or unemployment and even now when their ban has been Proven to be a pointless disaster they are still in denial, unbelievable. As long as they get their Taxpayer funding and payments from big Pharma they will continue. It is time for a re think and only UKIP offer that common sense.