Monday, 19 January 2015

Calling for Nigel

Smoking Bans kill businesses - FACT!

     It seems, just lately, that everything the Camoron does/says is just free advertising for Monsieur Farage & Co; it seems that everything the useless Milipede does/says is similarly befitting Monsieur Farage. However, everything that the Cleggeron says/does or even attempts to do/say points to the extinction of the useless, non British-friendly tribe of eejits know as the LibDems!
For instance, Clegg wants to protect this vile creatures family rights to live in this country at OUR expense!
It emerged yesterday that Hamza’s wife Najat Mostafa, 55, and some of their eight children continue to live rent-free in a five-bedroom home in upmarket Shepherd’s Bush, West London. The family are understood to be raking in at least £650 a week in housing and child benefits – a total of £33,800 a year.
 Hamza's second wife Najat Mostafa, 55, with whom he has seven children, lives in a £1.25-million five-bedroom council house in Shepherd's Bush Now I ask you this..... who, in their right mind would want any of this man's family living in this country when it seems that nigh on 50% of his offspring have either been in jail, have been jailed or are facing jail for an array of criminal acts. Possibly doesn't do to tar the entire family with the same brush but why are wasting all this money on a family that will sponge off us for all eternity? Hard working people find it nigh impossible to gain a foothold on the property ladder yet we happily allow this reptiles family to live in luxury at the nations expense. There is something seriously wrong with Cleggs 'grey cells' - if there are indeed any grey cells left! To my mind any call, such as this, clearly points to a man with the interests of his country NOT at heart; in fact, it borders on the traitorous! Vote LibDem and lose your country it seems.
The Milipede is the epitome of a lost fish in a vast ocean. His speaking is deplorable, his mannerisms are laughable and most of what he does actually say is codswallop!
     This simple poster sums up Labour for you all for it was that complete political imbecile B-liar that opened the immigration doors in the first place, allowing all manner of crime & depravity into this country! We've even had Romanians boasting that they simply want to come here to rape the social benefits system. With up to fourteen children how can anyone get a job that will support such a vast family? It's impossible, absolutely impossible!
Family patriarch Rudi readily admits that our generous benefits¿ culture does encourage Romanians to uproot to the UK, where they can claim state money for the children they bring with them. 
I'm surprised they all fit in one house!
     This was Blairs gift to this country, the country that he obviously despises - now that he has made his £millions from 'dodgy' foreign deals, lectures & duplicities . It is rumoured that Blair will receive a £3m bonus/payment when Albania join the EU. What an exciting prospect that is folks! The Albanian average wage is 10 x's LESS then here and it would seem that their greatest 'export' is criminals. They have little regard for human life but agreat regard for drugs, prostitution & people trafficking - oh yes indeedy, we really need to open our borders to these people! We already (reportedly) have an Albanian 'cell' in this country, happily selling drugs to idiotic eager buyers-why do we need more? Thank you Blair, you treachourous creature you! Having made the gravest of errors in 'opening the doors' to all manner of people, this idiot (B-liar) is now preparing yet another country to invade * Britain (* note the lack of the word 'Great'!).
     Labour's election campaign as regards health is somewhat of a joke for they have declared war on certain foods and will  "introduce a new food policy that will protect children from unhealthy foods" and they will achieve this by  "setting maximum limits of fat, salt and sugar in food marketed predominantly to children.". Bang goes your sugar puffs then! Cream cakes are looking dodgy and crisps must be wiped from the face of the earth as the health brigade march ever onward.
Labour’s other plans include standardised cigarette planning, outlining a basic minimum amount of physical exercise that everyone who can should try to do and looking into measures that will reduce binge drinking action.
     So we can all look forward to more & more restrictions to our freedoms as these health fanatics try and tie up every bit of pleasure we might have/have had in a bid to outdo the present day health freaks in the Tory government.
     But let's look at the nonsense that this truly is shall we?
Firstly, all these health nutters use the maxim that we might die a 'premature death' - please explain a premature death to me! My doctor can't, my surgeon can't & my consultant just mumbled some incoherrent crap about 'before my time' - but he couldn't tell me when 'my time' was to be! "Premature Death" is a very simple mean average of people's longevity, whether they live for 114 seconds or 114 years! Our last 'Victorian' has just left us and become part of that mean average. No one, but no-one is born with a survival date stamped about their person. You go and ask your doctor when you are going to die and what of and he/she won't have a clue - unless they actually say "NOW" and shoot you! So, the point is simple, live and be happy. Don't take any notice of all this polical posturing over YOUR health because all they want is YOUR vote on May 7th. They are not bothered if you die on May 8th (as many inevitably will),  your vote will have been cast: job done. Now let's look at the other end of the health spectrum shall we.
     We all now know only too well that our welfare system is under huge pressure (thanks again Blair) as we are not only supporting endless streams of unrequired immigrants but also an ageing population! I mention Ethel Lang again because, bless her, she is the epitome of our improved medical care since the second World War. But, she is not alone my friends for with in excess of 10,000 centenarians this country is now under a huge financial welfare burden. In actual fact it is unsustainable yet we have idiot politicians droning on endlessly about health & longevity. WHY? In all honesty, once a person has reached retirement age that person then becomes a financial burden to the state, so why on earth do they all spout the longevity tripe? For instance, how much did dear old Ethel cost this country in pension payments alone? The bible quotes our " three score years & ten" so, basically, once you've had 70 years worth on earth you've had what the 'Good Lord' decrees you are entitled to. So you see that we have a ridiculous situation on our hands whereby on the one hand the politicians spout endless rubbish about living longer but sit there, twiddling their pencils & wracking their pea-sized brains on how to cope with the ageism factor - whilst happily allowing all manner of foreign person to enter our once great country and use up our financial resources. Isn't the age old adage "physician heal thyself" somewhat appropriate here I ask?
     Camoron's plans for the May election? Well my friends they are superbly similar to when he actually got himself elected (just) with promises of referendums and all sorts of repeals of previous Labour edicts: the only problem being that the man is a complete & utter liar! He still thinks that he can fool the nation with empty gestures re the EU; wise up my son, Merkel &Co are not going to bend for you! The longer we are part of this totally corrupt 'governing body' the deeper in the mire we are going to be-they only want us for our wealth, no more, no less. It is thanks to EU strategies that allows 'free movement between countries' that we are blighted with endless streams of people looking for 'a better life'. Happily, Juncker seems to think that divorce proceedings between Britain /EU should commence - GOOD MAN! 

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker 

(talking sense at last!)

      What most of Westminster doesn't seem to grasp is the fact that the more of 'them' we allow in, the less financially functional we are! It's not rocket science! The Camoron is also negotiating to find agreement for Turkey to join the EU - WHY? What use are 80,000,000 Turks to us? What possible benefit could they be? According to Camoron "Turkey's part in the EU is vital for our economy, vital for our security and vital for our diplomacy".Now I know the man is deluded! With 99.8% of the population being registered as Muslim, and given the world problems with ISIS at the moment, surely the last thing anyone would want to do is to invite them into the same bed? Our Southampton Ford Transit plant disappeared to Turkey thanks to 'lower costings' - a move totally backed by the EU to the tune of £80,000,000 - how strange, a £ for every Turk! More business sucked out of this country, more people on the dole & more people less likely to ever work again yet the Camoron insists that we be better off IN the EU than OUT of it - strange how a large proportion of the British people think otherwise! I don't think that Camoron cares anymore. He knowsfull well that he lied to the British people, he knows he failed to repeal
   any of Labours idiotic laws and now it is blatantly clear that he supports mass immigration - he is simply a puppet of higher beings. He lost 2 very safe Tory seats late last year and I can see him losing another ten (10) come May 7th. The truth within the internet has opened up the world of political lies & deceits from these elected people and it has shown the common man that we are nothing but pawns in their games of financial gain. Camoron's little army of killjoys are neatly depicted here: (my thanks to whoever created this wonderful poster)

Meet the FOKKERS...
     All Camoron has really achieve is to line his own pockets, or his families pockets, create a great deal of anxiety in this country & surrender more and more to the disgracful EU..... so it's time to go Davey boy!
Come and meet the man that, I think, will have a profound effect on this years long awaited General Election, welcome and greetings to Nigel Farage, the man with Common Sense politics - which is what we need a serious dose of right now!UKIP are definitely in the ascendancy, and so they should as this country lurches from one lunatic situation to another. Strangely enough Farage can clearly see the dangers of the EU (as can the majority of the British people), he can clearly see the dangers of the immigration situation and can clearly see where this country is heading under EU rule - down the pan. Freedom of Speech is all but dead, people are prosecuted for using the familiarity word "Jock", probably "Paddy & Taffy" too, health & safety has gone berserk & the PC brigade are having an absolute field day! The rules & diktats emanating from Brussels are increasingly ridiculous (marigold gloves anyone?) and I fully believe that this is what we need to regain any form of control of our own destinies:
     There is only one way we are going to get this, and that is for all those that never bothered voting 'because they are all the same' need to get off their backsides and vote. They need to vote for UKIP because if they don't, well...... they'll have no grounds for complaint when this country loses the last vestiges of democracy and becomes part of the EU dictatorship. Farage has caused a rumpus, the BBC don't like him and they certainly don't like UKIP but then they sit back and happily receive handouts from the EU! Amazing what you find when you follow the money trail folks. May 7th? I can here the cries already and they are "Calling for Nigel" - so get with the plan and save this once great country!
It's not difficult: Vote UKIP !


  1. Major retailers such as Asda and Tesco have bled us dry for years. They have monopolized the marketplace using extorted profits to increase their empires
    They now moan they are losing market share and wildly reducing their excessive profit margins to claw back trade. Where is that missing trade??? Customers are voted with their feet and supported the new alternatives of Lidl and Aldi. The big boys should have played an honest game from the start keeping promises and respecting their customers.
    Are UKIP the Lidl and Aldi of politics? More power to those honest traders who don't take us as mugs - I'm voting with my feet on May 5th.

  2. UKIP needs to focus it's efforts on gaining more votes in areas where its support is already high, tipping the balance to win those seats. They are the party of common sense and the only hope that this country has got.

  3. This country has been turned into little more than a dumping ground for the EU, and the so called benefits of Immigration have all been proved false. The lib/lab/cons are responsible for this dangerous mess. On the lead up to the next GE they only offer the voter More of the same, more immigration more EU control and more borrowing, this Has to stop and UKIP can bring about the changes needed to secure our Borders, govern ourselves once again and play a major part in the world.