Friday, 24 October 2014

As the song rightly says..... !

Smoking Bans KILL businesses - FACT!

     I was quite struck by the furore caused by one harmless, politically biased song conjured up by an ex-DJ frustrated at the total mediocrity of todays government & opposition - and it is amazing how this amusing little ditty has caused more uproar than 1,400+ abused children in the Labour stronghold of Rotherham! Where has sense & sensibility gone I ask? Here is the song (minus the repetitive chorus)

Tax payers money where does it go?
Not even George Osborne knows (True!)
When we’re in power and we engage
There will be no tax on minimum wage (Very nice thank you)
Our leaders committed a cardinal sin
Open the borders let them all come in (True)
Illegal immigrants in every town (True)
Stand up and be counted Blair and Brown (Spot on)

[[ Chorus:
Oh yes when we take charge
And the new Prime Minister is Farage
We can trade with the world again
When Nigel is at number 10 ]]

The British People have been let down(True)
That’s why UKIP is making ground (Very True)
From Crewe to Cleethorpes to Outer Hendon
They don’t believe Cameron’s referendum (Absolutely true)
Coalition could be a fact (True)
With any party we could make a pact (Indeed we could)
Stop telling lies about us too (please?) And we’ll stop telling the truth about you (That would be difficult!)


Though our pension scheme is in a mess (True)
We need money for the NHS (Very true)
                    With Jean-Claude Juncker we’re giving away
                    55 million every day (Spot on)

Oh what a farce, he won the vote
This is my favourite Juncker quote
He looked the reporters straight in the eyes
“When things get serious it’s time to lie” (Absolutely true)

The EU live in wonderland (True)
Tried to ban bent bananas and British jam (exactly so)                                  We don’t want jam the EU way
Jam yesterday, tomorrow and never today

The daily polls suggest somehow
UKIP are the third party now (True)
In the Euro elections we were so immersed
We weren’t the third party, we were the first (Absolutely true yet again!)


When the government’s sitting on the fence
UKIP policies make more sense (They certainly do)                                 Get out of Europe, is our target (True)
Common wealth and not common market (Spot on)

Other parties please take note
UKIP is not a protest vote (Very true)                                                             So mark your cross and by word of mouth
Tell them what to do in Thanet South (Absolutely!)

With the EU we must be on our mettle
They want to change our lawnmowers and our kettles (True)
Our hairdryers, smartphones and vacuum cleaners
But UKIP is wise to their misdemeanours (Thank God for that!)

Farage he likes his fags and beer (True)
But there’s one thing I want to get clear
Now I like Nigel he’s a friend of mine
He appears on Dimbleby on Question Time (True)


The other parties will count the costings (They certainly will)                   In Eastleigh, Thurrock and Bow they’re lost in (Any names will do!)
Labour and Tories shaking in their boots (they are already!)                  When UKIP kick them up the grassroots (as they will)

Meanwhile down on Clacton-on-Sea
UKIP are making history (Very true)                                                  Douglas Carswell is quite adamant                                                            Will be the first MP in parliament (Now proven true)
     So, I ask the question: what, if anything, is offensive about this little ditty? For the 'lefties' to get so steamed up about this bit of fun it just shows that they want to avoid the real issues of our times!
...As stated, 1,400 children abused.....
......Immigration spiralling out of control - again
.........Muslim gangs grooming kids in our towns & cities
...Local councils getting legal protection against writers of the truth
......Muslim terror cells entrenched in the system
.........'PC' has gone well beyond any common sense (this uproar is proof alone)
...Bigger divide between rich & poor
......More people living in poverty ..... shall I go on???
.........Abbott continually playing the 'racist card'-and then being caught out by Andrew Neill!
...Umunna now defending his (arrogant) rich-bitch London home via Jersey based tax avoidance schemes
......Camoron playing with more empty promises! (for 2017)
.........Osbourne lying about Britains economy yet again as ND tops out at £4.5tr !
...Miliband & Camoron now echoing UKIPs call for capping immigration - well, there's a thing, just look back to verse one!
......Foodbanks here yet giving £millions away in Foriegn Aid
 .........Dumbed down society
...NHS in dire trouble but still wasting £1/2bn per month on STOPTOBER etc
......Happy to continue killing off once perfectly viable businesses!
     As per normal, the moronic left, who still think that we need mass immigration, even though we are now grossly over-populated, have jumped up and down in disgust & despair as they declared Mike Reid's pseudo Jamaican accent to be racist and therefore a slur on all "West Indian/Affro Carribean" peoples. This does just show how pathetic so many people in this country are becoming     . Image result for Pictures of Winston McKenzie      Should we ask Winston McKenzie to sing it, or Amjad Bashir (from a slightly different culture) or even Morgan Freeman! Image result for Morgan Freeman  Should we ask an Irishman or a Scotsman to sing it or even I could have a go in "Dalek" Image result for Pictures of a dalek- now how could that be racist?
Image result for Amjad bashirJust to show you the mentality of some of our now 'dumbed down' inhabitants a UKIP supporter was kicked & shoved in Brighton-the home of the loopy Greens, showing that people are frightened of any possible change and are so 'lemming like' that they are quite happy to hurl themselves off the financial precipice we currently teeter upon! 

They happily shrug off the fact that the EU have now demanded yet another £1.7bn per annum - all the proof you need that all they want us for is our wealth, yet the people cannot see this simple fact!
     It doesn't matter how many times you read the words of this fun-song, they don't change. In fact they seem more and more truthful as you read & re-read them. It is such a shame that we live in such a fragile world where everything is so 'PC', where no one dare say anything truthful anymore for fear of upsetting some crackpot somewhere else. This is why UKIP are feared, they speak the truth, they say what most people are thinking, they are the "Peoples Army" and by God sir..... we need a peoples army as the buffoons we have leading us (and in opposition) at the moment are indeed those lemmings sitting on the financial precipice-all the song has done is to awaken even more people to the truth of that very fact!
You KNOW it makes sense!


  1. Your comments are spot-on and our EU created mess is down to the Lib/Lab/Cons. The British public can no longer just sit and wait for our demise at the hands of these fools. Nigel Farage and UKIP offer the only real choice we have to regain not only our Borders but also Our Country. We must get out of the EU ASAP. Is it any wonder that UKIP get more and More popular with the voting public, Lib/Lab/Cons just offer more of the same.

  2. What has happened to our country? power needs removing from the Liblabcon quislings they are destroying our country and its people. B7