Monday, 6 October 2014

Bullshit valley is closing folks!

Smoking Bans KILL businesses - FACT!

      Amazing how things change in 4/5 weeks and amazing how people's minds work. Of course we are in the merry month of October now thus we have the endless, money wasting "STOPTOBER" ads all over  TV sets nationwide, which have very little actual effect yet keep the anti-smoking face of this very PC nation to the fore. Paddy McGuiness, a talentless nothing, created only by his friendship with another second rate TV personality (Rory McGrath) [ Rory and Paddy's Great British Adventure ] is happy to promote Stoptober even though probably 25% of his audience/admirers are smokers! Likewise, Al Murray, a man that plied his trade in the thousands of pubs that once were, is equally happy to be on the payroll of the STOPTOBER evangelists as he exhorts the pubs, once best customers, to quit smoking - amazing what a few £ will do to people when it comes to attacking others freedoms of choice! Along with 2 other nondescripts we have to endure a month of this senseless, money wasting advertising-and pay a licence fee for the priviledge!To those that smoke, especially those that enjoy smoking, Al Murrays "swap a fag for a gag" is not in the slightest bit funny, in fact it is simply an insult to their intelligence - and for those who consider smokers less intelligent than non smokers..... well they should simply refer to the greats like Churchill, Einstein or Russell! 
         (Don't forget that according to the media, every 5 million people that constantly sign up for this ridiculous crap means that at least 10 million have quit-as ordained by the spin factory known as PHE!)
     Meanwhile, back in the land of reality we find that the Camoron is in serious trouble as his 'hour of discontent' has finally arrived. 

     Being a lying, cheating, spinmeister of some talent (not much though I'll grant you) he has found that all his pre-election promises have now come back to haunt him. I only need to say one word..... 
I M M I G R A T I O N! 

     Douglas Carswell has had enough of the Camoron 'BS' (& lies) and has taken the course of an honest politician that does possess integrity by throwing his political career at the mercy of his Clacton-on-Sea voters'. They will reward him on the 9th October for that honesty & integrity. That was during the UKIP conference which was akin to 'Daniel being cast into the lion's den' as Monsieur (Sparticus) Farage took the fight directly to Ed Milibands doorstep - marvellous bit of political manouevering indeed.
     Of course, with the way things are going in this country, it was only a matter of time before another MP marched across the floor and nailed his colours to the UKIP mast - enter the arena Mr Mark Reckless MP (Rochester & Strood) who announced his departure on the eve of the Tory conference - another smack in the lying. cheating, coniving teeth for the Camoron and well deserved too I might add. Mark Reckless declared that Camoron's stance on immigration was his main reason for departing and, truth be known, there are plenty more that think similarly. Andrew Robathan, just up/down the road from me, is suddenly "standing down" as an MP - rumour (and that's all it is) has it that he is of similar mind to Carswell/Reckless but doesn't want to be seen as a defector. This is his official statement (read into it what you will):
Statement by the Rt Hon Andrew Robathan MP for South Leicestershire
It is with very mixed feelings that I have decided not to stand again as the Conservative candidate for South Leicestershire. It has been a huge privilege representing all my constituents and I am honoured by the trust and confidence that people have shown in me. I have greatly enjoyed my role and I hope have done some good both for my constituents and for our country. However, time moves on. In July I stood down from the Front bench following 12 years and, after a great deal of soul searching, I believe it is time to let someone else represent the constituency. Next year will mark a quarter of a century since I was selected as candidate there and the Association will now have the exciting opportunity of choosing a new candidate and, DV, MP.
     So there it is, 3 of the Camoron's troops gone and I personally think that another half dozen are simply waiting for what they determine to be the right time to move on. Labour, using whatever dirty tricks available of course, have called a by-election in the Heywood and Middleton by-election in greater Manchester on October 9th – a seat Labour desperately needs to win. October 9th ??? Oh yes, the same day as  Mr Carswell's certain return to Westminster as a UKIP MP... (Labours dastardly plan to deflect UKIP voters, 200 miles apart, from voting similarly-not quite sure how that is supposed to work... are you?) It would also seem that Mr Reckless is big odds-on to return to Westminster too so Camoron has serious problems, not only with his party inmates but the general public too! As all this goes on, more and more local councillors are swapping parties and UKIP representation is popping up all over the country-very nice to see truth & democracy working together - although some councils are starting to use the good old fashioned bullyboy tactics on lone wolf UKIPpers.
How can this be right?

     Image result for Pictures of burning cigarettesNigel Farage has openly condemned the smoking ban for exactly what it is: silly & illiberal and stated that common sense was the only sensible approach. You see folks, we are in the middle of this "Austerity" malarkey yet the Camoron is quite happy to waste £1/2bn (minimum) every single month, following a hopeless cause. It doesn't matter what the corrupted 'top table' at the WHO say anymore for they have already proved themselves to be liars & fabricators in their quest to rid the world of the tobacco plant; ie, smokers. They have happily sat back (as have ASH)  and applauded lie after lie being presented in the House of Commons as this law was forced through parliament in order that  hatred & intolerance became rife. Truth was ignored and the 'free vote' was "whipped" so you can easily see why we have such a poorly implemented law.
     Image result for Pictures of burning cigarettesIt seems that one of our bastions of social life has now crumbled and fallen by the wayside as the CIU now do nothing to support their failing clubs. More and more clubs are closing their doors due to vast reductions in memberships yet most clubs have the scope for a smoking room/non-smoking room scenario (we have the surveys to prove such!). There was even a report by some (club) medical crackpot (Dr Andrew Dane [June p:6]) stating that the clubs should not entertain 'vapers' lest a legal suit follow! What planet are some of these people actually on for God's sake? There is more harm in the vapours form your home cooking than there is from an e-cigarette so do we suddenly ban all home cooking? 
     Image result for Pictures of burning cigarettesIt would seem that the National Executive was pruned to suit those at the top for most of the area reps that wanted to fight the smoking ban have now gone, leaving the non/anti-smoking jihadists in a majority. What is the point of being a ruler, an oversee'r of all when that 'all' is diminishing to a nothingness? Was it only 9 clubs that disappeared in a month I ask??? Now that is what I call short-sighted -->
The most important thing is for the club to incorporate an e-smoking policy into an existing smoking policy. And, if there is an existing smoking area for regular smokers, set aside a separate facility for e-smokers. The National Executive looked at this sometime ago and recommended that because it can cause confusion and confrontation e-smokers should be treated the same as smokers.
     Image result for Pictures of burning cigarettesHere we have to bona-fide` cases of anti smoking extremism by supposedly intelligent people, for on the one hand we have a slimmed down committee declaring that people do not have the 'nous' to distinguish between a real cigarette that emits easily detectable smoke and an idiot Dr (sorry, an idiot business medic!!!) who then declares that non smokers (e-cig users) should be classed the same as smokers (tobacco users) when in actual fact they are (legally) NOT classed as one and the same! What hope is there for this country I ask, when the lunatics are running the asylum?
     Image result for Pictures of burning cigarettesOne man who is fighting back is Alan Auld, the lone Scotsman that wants to sue the administration for the loss of his social life courtesy of the smoking ban-and he is quite right too! He is still sifting through the mound of informative paperwork sent up to him  for he, along with millions of others, had no idea of the corruptness behind the implementation of this evil, socially destructive ban. I told him that it would take him 'a month of Sundays' to digest even 20% of the info we held, and so it is proving. I do know that Alan cannot get his head around the costs of implementing this ridiculous law-which of course are mounting every single time a business closes down-including our much loved Bingo Halls
     Just think folks ..... soon we will have more immigrants (plenty of them smoke) than we actually have workers in this country and then the EU will have done its job-smashed Britain to pieces - something they failed to do in 2 world wars!
     Perhaps, after reading this blog, even the dimmest of Lib/Lab/Con supporters can suddenly see the light and see why this country is starting to turn to UKIP, for UKIP IS the only sensible solution to the mounting problems we are facing. at the moment our children face a dark & terrible future but we can do something to avert the same fate for our grandchildren..... and that is to vote for the common sense party..... UKIP!

The peoples army-not just for themselves!


  1. If ever this Country needed a complete change it is now, Nigel Farage is the best party Leader by a very, very long way and the public can now see that. When he talks about Immigration, exit of the EU, the waste of Public money and so on he speaks the Truth. When he says the Smoking Ban was Silly and illiberal he was spot on, Choice for All was always the common sense approach. David Cameron and Co lied about the "bonfire" of Quangos he was to have, lets hope Nigel makes that Bonfire good and high.
    Good luck to UKIP in the by elections, a good tester for things to come.

  2. Another great article Phil. Nigel Farage has got the trust of the British people more so than any other politician, so let's hope Ukip does well in 2015. It has to be said though that voting tactically to keep New Labour out; the party that supports Ash and hates smokers is to me more important. Despite fully supporting them I will only vote for Ukip if I am sure that they have a chance of winning the seat in my area, to vote for them otherwise would be a wasted vote. Cameron is a liar and has done very little to help ordinary working people in this country but him any day to Red Ed Miliband and New Labour.

  3. I enjoyed that Phil, great work mate.
    Just a little message to the poster who's main concern is to keep Miliband out. I understand that. I really do.
    Though, a while ago, Farage was asked who he would prefer to win the GE. His answer? It doesn't matter. I concur with that. The paths that the three Westminster parties take are almost identical. They will certainly do the same things, just tweek around the edges these same things to show they are different.
    Unfortunately, it is down to the British people to say we have had enough. And voting for someone we don't want, even though the intentions are noble, will say to Cameron, we want him and his current policies.
    The time to change things is now. We are probably already passed the tipping point, but we have to fight back. There is no time left. Cameron or Miliband, it doesn't matter. The only chance is Farage& co.

  4. Only option for the British public is UKIP, all other parties will follow the same policies. Our country is being destroyed from within, those we are supposed to trust are working against the British people, our communities and our people. Change must happen.

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  6. Yesterday (9th Oct) UKIP swept to a monumental victory in Clacton [widely expected] but what happened in the other election at Heywood & Middleton was no less than the fuse being lit for a political atomic bomb - or, as Monsieur farage predicted, a political earthquake! Labour won the safe seat..... by the skin of their teeth! Labour are spinning that their vote held up and even increased by 0.8% - in reality they lost 7,000 votes and UKIP gained nearly 10,000 (up 36%) making the seat an ultra-marginal for Labour. John Mann is voicing the fears of many Labour MPs about metropolitan Miliband's wonkish Labour:(Guido). To create this sort of result in the labour heartlands is nothing short of a miracle and it shows you, oh so clearly, that the time for change has come.
    Use your votes next may. Rid the nation of these scurvy topped politicians and help us to get our country BACK!

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