Tuesday, 11 November 2014

As Nero fiddled.........!

Smoking bans kill businesses - FACT!

     Where does one start with the shambles known as the Tories? I mean to say, just how much longer are they going to sit in power thinking they are kidding the people of this country? What a motley crew they are turning out to be as we find the exceedingly 'Bunteresqe' Eric Pickles literally wasting £1/2m on fancy cars over the past three years so as to be able to convey his portly figure here, there & everywhere, and to top that up it is also announced that he also somewhat overspends on tea & biscuits - £76,000 of taxpayers money to be precise. That, in simple terms, means that old fatty chops could have reduced Leicester hospitals financial shortfall by 1/80th (presently looking at a £41,000, 000 deficit this year) AND he could have got some of that weight off by walking here & there!
                                             The Arrest warrant Debate/Vote that wasn't!

     Cameron, as we know, is a committed Europhile who doesn't really give two hoots about this country, as he is almost certainly lining himself up for a position via the Bilderberg mob or the NWO. They want us in the EU as we will be easier to control but unfortunately for them, the British people DON'T! Cameron bleats on about 'border controls', immigration this & immigration that but he really does not care, for the sooner he can flannel his way to next May and hopefully retain his kingdom the happier he will be. Should he manage this, this country will be finished for as the Mail Online states, this country will be a haven for all the european dregs of society!
We don't need european dregs to arrive here as we already have our quota of dregs in this country. Look at what is going on in our major cities; my own for a start! Leicester sits nicely in the centre of England. It has an idiot for an 'elected mayor' and I state idiot because this ex-Labour politician swears blind that immigration IS the answer to all our unemployment problems!
 Not wanting to be sanctioned (or sectioned) they'll stand for hours!
      How can this be so when Leicester now sits with born & bred British whites in the MINORITY: 48.34% actually, yet we had (Jan/Feb this year) 2,340 job vacancies (in the city this is) but 'only' 10,000+ unemployed to fill those vacancies! Isn't that scenario somewhat back to front? Mind boggling isn't it, but then that is the Labour party logic for you-it never occurs to them that the immigrants they bring in the higher the unemployment factor becomes. The Somali's have the highest unemployment rate but these days (fact), speaking such a truth might end up with my being tarred a racist. Mind you, since 2007 our legal system has become so tainted as to be a joke for one can be threatened with prosecution if someone else objects to what you have said/written-even if it is the absolute truth! Talking immigration and what it is doing to this country, just look at Tower Hamlets in London! "You must move away from the mosque, this is a muslim area. Sharia law is enforced" Pardon? I assumed that Tower Hamlets is still part of England and has not been sold off to some eastern nation or has it? Where is Camerons might & strength? Where is the retaliation to these ludicrous claims from a bunch of settlers-who are obviously not happy living by our rules - so why are they still here? Why is there a muslim mayor (who has never Claims: Lutfur Rahman, 48, is accused of using illegal tactics to win a mayoral election    answered one of my letters) who is now (unsurprisingly) under investigation for election frauds! What is wrong with this country all of a sudden? Everyone is afraid of saying something that might upset someone else! We are (supposedly) fighting terrorism but muslims are outraged at being sniffed by trained dogs as they are "spiritually unclean"! I'll tell you what is 'spiritually unclean'-getting blown to bits by some assholes claiming religion as their protector from behind some face-cloth!
2015??? Vote UKIP and remove this filth from our daily lives!

     We have become the biggest nambypamby nation in the world as we have been mentally coerced into fearing every mortal thing possible, for instance (and how ludicrous is this I ask?).
A bird enthusiast made a 25-mile trip to see a falconry display at a family leisure park only to be told that single adults are banned – for fear of paedophiles.
Married man Matthew Richards, 54, a father of three grown-up children, was staggered by the rule at award-winning Puxton Park, a family-orientated leisure attraction near Weston-super-Mare.
Mr Richards, who also has three grandchildren, had previously visited the park with his family to admire the birds of prey.
But when he returned on Thursday hoping to watch another falconry display he was told he couldn’t be admitted as a single man, on child protection grounds.
     I wonder if this is a Labour Council trying to offset the Rotherham scandal where child abuse is/was rampant? 

 ..... only some of the possible 1,400!
     So, are we now to take it that any male, walking alone is 'out on the prowl' for a child or three? How bloody ridiculous is that? Do all males now have to be chaperoned wherever they may decide to go? God forbid he may have been smoking as well - he'd have been hung, drawn & quartered for showing such blatant disregard to our nannyist society! Oh yes, and we have just been hit with the news that from October next year smoking in a car (your own property mark you) will be illegal should any brats under 18 be inside them at the time of smoking! 

 James Reilly-Irelands answer to complete nannyism
     Now I'm not sure how they intend to police this situation except for the mad Irishman's (yet another 'Bunteresque' politician) format of grassing each other up to the local plod, but I can see an awful lot of disfavour occurring as yet again the establishment sets man against man!   The time has come for people to plant a couple of 'child dummies' in the back seats of the car and to drive around smoking at will. Any possible prosecution cannot occur because the 'unhuman' evidence is there, in the car, totally unaffected by any imaginary SHS and even the most dimwitted magistrate (and by God sir, I've met some!) would not fail to see the stupidity of finding any case proven! Imagine the court cases that will ensue, as feverish prosecutors try to gain a conviction over a couple of well dressed school aged dummies. Make sure you get a signed confirmation of the 'dummies' being dummies first though (preferably from a friendly plod, magistrate or similar) because the courts seldom/never believe those prosecuted-as we already ascertained in Liverpool, Leicester & Kettering!
     When you add all these bits & pieces up it makes you wonder how any sane person can still vote Labour or Conservative - yet they do, which only goes to prove that this country is over-run with sheep! What is also amazing is the simple fact that the 1950's saw the highest smoking ratio ever (72%-76%) and also the biggest post war baby boom ever, the latter now being hailed as the major problem for our welfare state to cope with-too many people are living too long: so why demonise smoking/smokers? It's already been proven that non smokers cost the system far more than smokers do-so why? If all those babies survived the 72%-76%  smoker rates of the 50's to become strong, healthy people is the government thinking now that the reverse (lack of smoking/smokers) will provide a nation of weaklings that will all die earlier and thus save the country a fortune in pension payments (if we do actually have any pension funds left that is!). Get those dummies ready folks and really show up the establishment for what it is; a nambypamby dictatorship that simply herds the sheep around.
The abundance of 'sheeples'; ie Labour/Tory voters!    
     There is one piece of excellent news for all those that wish to fight back! Our friend in Scotland, remember Alan Auld (?), who wanted to sue the Scottish government for his loss of Social Life has now decided that this action must be done-for the sake of his sanity and everyone elses too. So, as these legal matter take an enormous amount of money the
Alan Auld Paypal account is open and ready to receive donations from all smokers/non smokers who believe in freedom of choice.  Justice 4 Smokers has been involved from the very start but now the Big Guns are being brought in-follow the story here folks. Had government not implemented a total ban this country would not be in quite such a financial mess, but then since when did governments ever join up the dots???
While Nero fiddled Rome merrily burnt and while Camoron is faffing about this country is sinking! Time for a change.


  1. Great article Phil and well done to Alan Auld. He will get my donation.

  2. Phil, you are spot on, this so called government is a Shambles and a dangerous shambles to our Country. The rise of Islam in this country cannot be allowed, we have seen deaths, rapes, attacks and more and Still Cameron promotes their growth and law in our country, he must be stopped.
    Well done indeed to Alan Auld and I wish him the best and yes he will be getting a donation, there was never the Evidence for the smoking ban and the ban is Discrimination of millions of people in this country.