Tuesday, 10 June 2014

The way forward is now crystal clear!

Smoking bans KILL busineses-FACT!

     So, we had the media furore up at Newark last week, where only the most optimistic would think that good friend Roger Helmer had any chance of overturning the Tories 16,000 majority. Interesting that the Tories, considering the Newark seat was bombproof, fielded another "cardboard cutout", an unknown to sit at the right hand of Camoron and nod in the appropriate places - God help us!

Roger Helmer: Voters Go To Polls In Newark By-Election 
Roger Helmer & Nigel Farage laughing at the battalions 
of Tories called in to campaign
     However, it is more interesting to note that Camoron metaphorically 'shat his panties' when finally realising the growing force that UKIP truly is and went so far as to order all his troops (including Cabinet Ministers) to get off their well paid backsides and canvass support. No doubt he suddenly realised that he was up against a formidable opponent who, for many years, was actually a staunch Tory! That UKIP's footsoldiers were contronted by Camorons 'crack troops' speaks volumes of the progress made by UKIP & the wealth of belief in UKIP that is spreading around the country!
The bare result is simple to digest:
      1...Robert Jenrick (Con) 17,431 (45.03%, -8.82%)
      2...Roger Helmer (UKIP) 10,028 (25.91%, +22.09%)
      3...Michael Payne (Lab) 6,842 (17.68%, -4.65%)
      4...Paul Baggaley (Ind) 1,891 (4.89%)
      5...David Kirwan (Green) 1,057 (2.73%)
      6...David Watts (LD) 1,004 (2.59%, -17.41%)
      7...Nick The Flying Brick (Loony) 168 (0.43%)
      The immediate and laughable thing to note here is that the LibDems managed to lose to the Greens and an Independent, only comprehensively rousting Nick the Flying Brick from the Monster Raving Loony party! Bye bye all Cleggerons, you are now totally finished I'm delighted to say, so you can take all your pro-europe fantasies with you and hope Brussels will find a miniscule role for you. (Have they got enough sweeping brushes over there?)
     The second thing to note is that the Tories, although holding this massively safe seat, saw their dominance slaughtered (yet again) as they saw their share of the vote diminish by 8.82% as the UKIP surge carried on from the EU elections.  UKIP increased their share of the vote by a massive 22.09%-reducing the Tory majority from 16,000 --> 7,000. Camoron has plenty to be worried about, we know it, he knows it.
Lots of pictures-not exactly "Plain" are they!
     Did anyone notice that 'call me dave' omitted the Plain Packaging codswallop from the Queens speech yesterday? Yes? No? Do you think that this pathetic nannyist health lobby coward has now finally cottoned onto what the health lobby are up to? Do you think that he is now fully aware of the truth of the disaster that was the Australian 'health nutters' ideals of Plain Packaging as they now seek to reverse it. Certainly, as reported in earlier blogs, the N.Zealand government have aborted the idea for they know that $millions will be lost in legal battles over something that simply isn't worth the investment. You see folks, they still don't get it (or maybe they are slowly starting to understand?), that it is a persons freedom of choice as to whether they smoke or not, not the states. 
     OK, so some people object to the smell of tobacco smoke, that is their right, but this is exactly the reason why pubs should have been given the choice, given the option of a smoking room if they wanted. No one would force a non smoker or a smoker hater into that smoking room and food wouldn't have been served in it but Blairs so called intellectual ministers, ably backed by that cretin Donaldson having a 'hissy fit', couldn't be bothered to look after the people via variations of a smoking ban and simply went the whole hog-I'll bet even the WHO could believe their luck! Anyone noticed how one of the major pubcos has now welcomed vapers (e-cigs) into their universe with open arms? They want their customers BACK.

     The trouble though is that government, nor government 'intelligence sources' (a misnomer if there ever was one) never bothered themselve to hear the truth of what the ban was doing (whereas Farage did) and now have a massive problem with shortage of incoming monies and ever lengthening dole queues. For some reason, maybe those Bilderbergers or the NWO have made promises, Camoron is loathe to take us out of europe immediately, instead, pinning his hopes on a second term in office on yet another false promise of a referendum when re-elected. Hogwash, folks, utter bloody hogwash!
     The way forward is indeed crystal clear as UKIP gain more & more ground on the "BIG2". UKIP ARE the third party in British politics and WILL have seats in Westminster at the next election-of that fact you can be sure (anyone want to offer me 100/1 UKIP winning at least 1 seat?).
UKIP (Hull) celebrate their breakthrough!
     The way forward is absolutely crystal clear, it's called COMMON SENSE,  and there is only one party talking such at this present time. Labour strongholds are not impervious to the rise of UKIP either so next years elections are going to be mighty interesting. One thing is for sure - the ilLiberal unDemocrats are finished, but they never had any COMMON SENSE in the first place! The rise in UKIPs fortunes will continue for they ARE the only party that talk to the people and listen to the people-it's not rocket science is it! UKIP are grass roots, not toffee nosed  university toffs born & bred to live a life in the public trough. The people have had enough of the toffs and the so called Nu-Labour traitors that now care nothing for the working classes.
The way forward is indeed crystal clear-UKIP, onward & upward!


  1. ONE seat? I'm not well-versed in your processes/positions over there, but given the rapid surge in UKIP in the past year, I wouldn't be at all surprised if they got a number of seats. The trick will lie in getting all those "I don't vote cuz they're all the same." folks out to the polls once they see that they MIGHT actually be able to help elect someone "different" than what they've seen in the past.

    - MJM

  2. Most erudite Michael-that is exactly what UKIP will aim to do unless I'm very much mistaken: the Dudley polls bore this out entirely. The thing with UKIP Michael is that people are now waking up & realising that there is a party out there that will tell it how it is!..... and that is a breath of fresh air my friend!

  3. Another good piece Phil, and at last some Common sense being shown, Enterprise Inns welcome vapers (smokers) , it has taken nearly 7 years for them to admit that the smoking ban has Bankrupt them just like the other pubcos and now they must have their smoking customers back, priceless, so now we have that crack in the dam, not long for more common sense to be shown like separate rooms or areas for smokers or let the Business owners decide. UKIP are a breath of fresh air and they just go from strength to strength, bring on the 2015 election.

  4. A Ukip surge of 22.09% in Newark is incredible. I see from the link that aussies have got themselves in trouble with the WTO over plain packaging and about time too.
    You point out Phil that "No one would force a non smoker or a smoker hater into that smoking room". But smokers have been forced outside, which means on cold winter nights many don't go down to their local anymore.

    Forced social exclusion, that's why the smoking ban is wrong.

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