Sunday, 29 June 2014

Bombed out - again!

Smoking Bans kill Businesses - FACT!

     During the 2nd World War we were subject to bombing raids by the German Air Force who used the Junckers 88 to flat-pack parts of England. It was a twin engined, multirole combat aircraft designed by Junkers Flugzeug- und Motorenwerke to be a 'speed bomber'. Like a number of other Luftwaffe bombers, it was used successfully as a bomber, dive bomber, night fighter, torpedo bomber, reconnaissance aircraft, heavy fighter and even, during the closing stages of the conflict in Europe, as a flying bomb. Fair bit of kit one might say as it reduced many parts of this country to rubble.
Move on 70 years and we've been bombed out by a Junkers again - this time it's a Jean Claude Junkers, the ex Luxembourg President who has been voted in as the next president of the EU.
Bundesarchiv Bild 101I-363-2258-11, Flugzeug Junkers Ju 88.jpg 
Junckers 88-the multi tasker!
     Back in the 1940's we had the most reliable Spitfire & Hurricane taking to the air to do battle with these Junckers thingies (plus of course the ground based 'ack-ack' guns), which resulted in many a plane heading earthward at a rate of knots.
 Ray Flying Legends 2005-1.jpg   Hurricane mk1 r4118 fairford arp.jpg
     Present day we have "The Camoron" (most unreliable) flying into battle for us in the 'Battle of Brussels'. The 'Camoron' is a spineless defender of this country, so much so that his main weapon is 'hot-air', 99% of which emanates from his Oxford educated lips and the other 1% (probably more influential) comes from the bottom end of this totally inadequate fighting machine, defender of our shores & believer in our freedoms (the last bit was a hint at humour!). 

        "The Camoron" shot down by a Junkers-2014!
     Nice one Dave, your final bid to try and show the British people that you were fighting against the EU, when in fact you are all FOR the EU has failed abysmally as you have been humiliated completely by 26 -2 votes, not to mention the pay scales involved re your job & his! In Oxford terminology I think that the result can be considered as "a damned good thrashing old boy!"
     What is totally obvious, even to this boy on the street, is that the powers 'that be' in Brussels couldn't give a twopenny-toss what we think, what we do or even what we think we can do - so why are you fighting a 'waste of space' battle Dave? Mind you, in reality, YOU are a waste of space, full of hot air & fully blown with self importance - so what hope do the British people have? NONE!
Probably just as well that the good people of this country are finally beginning to see the light and voted in their droves for the only party that wears its heart on its veritable sleeve - the United Kingdom Independence Party.
THE RESULTS UK Independence Party 27.5% (+11%) 23 MEPS (+10)

Labour 25.4% (+9.7%) 18 MEPs (+7)

Conservative 23.9% (-3.8%) 18 MEPs (-7)

Green 7.9% (-0.75%) 3 MEPs (+1)

Liberal Democrat 6.9% (-6.8%) 1 MEP (-9)
SNP 2.5% (+0.34%) 2 MEPs
Plaid Cymru 0.7% (-0.2%) 1 MEP
     Firstly, I am delighted that all my ranting about  the Cleggerons has finally paid off as  they lost virtually everything and the 'Schoolboy in Long Trousers' was wiped off the european political map (soon to follow suit in Britain too). As a political force in this country..... they are not, they are finished -but Clegg will feed off the state for the rest of his natural days via his deputy PM pension - what a touch he's had there while the rest of us struggle!

Beppe Grillo joins forces with UKIP
     The best bit of news is that Beppe Grillo, Italy's "5-Star" anti EU political party, which shocked EU nutters by winning 17 (seventeen) seats in their elections, has joined forces with UKIP to bring this overbearing EU juggernaut to a grinding halt.
Following an online poll on Thursday 78 per cent of Five Star members, or 23,121 people, voted to join Mr Farage's Europe of freedom and democracy group in a personal triumph for the Ukip leader. Only 10 per cent, or 2,930 voted to join David Cameron's Conservative grouping.
     Italy is heading toward bankruptcy, Spain is already virtually bankrupt & Portugal are bankrupt yet 'they' continue to believe that a United States of Europe is feasible-what is wrong with these people I ask?
     One of the contributing factors to all this poverty is smoking bans. Yes, you may well laugh & jeer but ask yourselves this simple question: "can you name any other law, in this country, that has closed night on 14,000 businesses and put nigh on 250,000 people out of work ?" (and that is only this idiot country!) Answers in the comments section please, I'll look forward to reading them.
     In this country we have (sorry, had) a solid social institution. It was known as a Working Man's Club yet many of them are closing down and have done at a greater rate of knots since july 1st, 2007. Why? Smoking bans have killed of the membership factor by which all these instutions survive. Smoking bans have divided communities, split the social scene in two and so much so that last month alone (proudly reported in the Club Journal itself) we see that nine (9) clubs have closed for good: here is the death toll.....
Seghill & District Workmen's Social Club...D.O.D May 2014
Murton Ex-Servicemen's Social Club...D.O.D May 2014
Pelton RAOB Club...D.O.D May 2014
Stanley Hibernian Club...D.O.D May 2014
Winlaton &District Social Club...D.O.D May 2014
Trevethin & Penygarn WM Club...D.O.D May 2014
Underwood Social club...D.O.D May 2014
Garden House WMC...D.O.D May 2014
Ayresome Quoit & Air Rifle WMC...D.O.D May 2014
 Aylestone WMC, Leicester. Died 2011
     As a member of a WMC it breaks my heart to see the social fabric of this country destroyed because of a law that has been introduced on the back of lies, fabrications, manipulated statistics & junk science - but at least we now know that corruption starts at the very highest level. The clubs have their own organisation to deal with all matters clublife but it is a sad truth that their overlords (the CIU) are now failing them badly for the one chance the clubs have of getting lost members back has been ruled out by their National Executive: they have ruled that e-cigarettes should NOT be allowed in the clubs. How utterly stupid are these people I ask? They are not 'smoking', they are not 'employing a lit substance' so they cannot be transgressing any laws. In this months Club Journal we even find (page 6) an Andrew Dane [who purports to be "The Business Medic"] asking idiotic questions about how to handle 'e-smokers'. It would seem that  someone has been 'got at' somewhere for I cannot believe the stupidity of outlawing e-cigs in an indoor environment. When nine clubs close in a month it is time to be asking what we can do to save our clubs, not ensure more closures! The clubs now have another avenue for sound advice on such matters! "Eros in Mauris" indeed!
     But isn't this the way the country is going generally folks? Create less job opportunities yet allow more people in that have very few job skills in the first place! Create a system where the benefit system is no longer sustainable and then 'sanction' unknown numbers of genuine claimants so that they are pauperised? make the housing market unaffordable for first time buyers so that private rentals charges rocket skyward and then 'cap' benefits..... and all the time donate £55,000,000 per day to the avaricious, non stop money machine known as the EU. This is why Camoron was 'bombed out' by 26-2 votes, the EUonly want our wealth and  
only UKIP can stop this happening!



  1. Unfortunately the fool that is Cameron has never realised that the issue of the EU, Immigration, Gays, Social Freedoms and so on are top of the agenda for the British Public, his support for the EU, Immigration and Gays is against their wishes and as so they will Not vote for him and his party at the next elections. The issue of Social Freedoms is a vital issue which both the Conservatives and Labour have done everything they can to suppress those Freedoms, the Smoking Ban was always a "step too far" and our hospitality industry has paid the price of that foolishness. Cameron promised Reforms prior to the last general elections, he Lied, now is the time for him to put those reforms in place and treat everyone in the same Fair way ( smoker and non smoker ) and get our Clubs and Pubs back to Profit and Employment.

  2. The smoking ban affects everyone irrespective of their social circle. It's very sad that we live in age where Uk smokers are a group openly discriminated against. Many thousands particularly the old stay at home now rather than go to pubs and clubs where they have no option but to stand outside in the cold and rain to smoke. The ban means thousands of people have been forcibly socially excluded. It is plain disgusting.

  3. I have to say that as an unbiased observer who can't stand Cameorn,the whole Junkers thing was funny and sad at the same time.


    El Bow

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