Monday, 23 September 2013

Fatty A (rbuckle)bbot and hystrionics

Smoking Bans KILL businesses-FACT!

Fatty Arbucklebbot and hystrionics-what a laugh! We suddenly find that the ailing & failing Labour Party are exceedingly happy to sell 'stall space' to the likes of Phillip Morris and an industry pressure group lobbying against plain packaging; oh dear oh dear! How the wind of change doth blow when the unions threaten major financial withdrawals! Not that I'd blame the unions for withdrawing their financial support at all, in fact I would applaud it for Blair turned Labour from being FOR the working man to being totally AGAINST the working man. 
Why any working man/woman would want to donate a copper coin to a political party that is hell bent on destroying this country is far beyond the realms of my humble intelligence!
Diane Abbot (another creature of the red persuasion) declared “the health of the nation had been sacrificed to the interests of big tobacco”. Oh dear oh deary me, poor deluded soul, this is hilarious.  We have a walking lump of blubber, purporting to represent the health of this nation (there must be at least16 stone of her) whilst patiently awaiting the absolutely guaranteed heart attack that is waiting to happen! 

 This picture of obesity tells us about health!
     And she is complaining about people smoking-what about representing the fat people of this country that cost the NHS £5.7m per annum in obesity related treatments-more than twice the cost of smokers! What this mobile lump of lard doesn't realise, or obviously doesn't care about, is the simple fact that some people enjoy a cigarette just as much as she obviously enjoys food. Now how would she have reacted to an "Anti-fatty stall" which promoted the health of the nation with a placard displaying a sylph like figure with her head super-imposed? Her typical hystrionics only go to show that she has absolutely no idea of what is happening on the street on any given day of the week or what the people actually want!
     Meanwhile, on the other side of the world where the lunatic brigade has also been running riot courtesy of Chapman & Co, another Abbott is waving the wand - the wand of sense & sensibility. The newly elected PM of Australia has marched straight into the battleground of sense & sensibility by announcing large cuts from government budgets-annihilation in some areas!
The Prime Minister has also pulled the pin on a key Kevin Rudd initiative - Community Cabinet - as he instructs his new ministry team to put the broom through the bureaucracy.
I like this man already!

The Coalition will also begin unwinding key "nanny state'' agencies such as the Australian National Preventative Health Agency, established to lead the national fight against obesity, alcohol abuse and tobacco use.
     Wow! Britains silly government sheep wanted to follow Australia down the path of destructive prohibition only to find that the people of Australia sent prohibition packing-as they should have done!      You see folks, it is far better to educate the masses than to dictate to the masses. You only have to look back in history to Adolf Hitler to see that. He had the German people wrapped around his little finger and ended up blowing his brains out-I'll look forward to Blair, Brown, Cameron, Chan, Arnott, Dockrell etc following suit then.
     On the subject of financial savings, may I remind government  that they can save this country £6bn per annum by scrapping the ridiculous persecution of those who exercise their human right to smoke.
     And may I also remind the government that they can get more money back into their diminishing coffers by amending this idiotic & discriminatory law so as to allow smokers a room INSIDE a drinking premises. When 1/2million people per year die before a smoking ban is iontroduced, and 1/2million people still die after its 6th year of being, then that is all the proof you need that smoking bans DON'T save lives! So why keep wasting money on things that don't work?
     Fatty Arbuckle was a funny man, fatty Abbot is simply a joke but Tony Abbott is a man of sense-now just how long will it take for the yellow bellied A(r)SH licking Camoron to start following Australia's lead and squash the hystrionics of the nationally destructive offices of the anti tobacco mobsters-who last night declared that last years "Stoptober" realised 156,000 quitters, when we actually know that the true government figure happens to be 14,600 per ANNUM! They just cannot stop lying can they.
Quick update today in my "inbox" - 
Dear Phil,

Stoptober starts next week! It's not too late to join the thousands of people across the country stopping smoking on October the 1st.

Last year over 160,000 people completed the 28 day challenge and have seen the benefits to their health and wealth ever since.

Stoptober-Stop lying!


  1. You have to agree Phil, these Anti's do like to round things up, like 14,000 to 156,000, just like the phantom deaths from SHS, just a shame they cannot show any Evidence of 1 death due to a wisp of tobacco smoke. It would be nice to see Australia at last show some much needed Common sense and save themselves a load of money in the process. Here in Britain, we will have to wait for Cameron and Co to get even More worried about the upcoming success of UKIP before they too perform such U-Turns. As for Abbot, Who Cares anyway.

  2. "Tony Abbott ... declared that last years "Stoptober" realised 156,000 quitters, when we actually know that the true government figure happens to be 14,600 per ANNUM! They just cannot stop lying can they."

    Nope. They can't. If they stopped lying their campaign would fall apart. It's always nice for us though when their lies are so blazingly transparent.

    Great catch Phil! Keep on fightin'!