Monday, 29 July 2013

As a nation we die a bit at a time!

Smoking bans kill businesses - FACT!

     I've sat here for the past couple of weeks watching as this country disintegrates into a total shambles. Yes, I totally agree that the failings in our hospitals are a disgrace and that people have acted wrongly but let's turn the clock back a little bit fiurther shall we?
Who declared that hospitals should come under a sort of 'time & motion' set up where cost evaluations superceded patient care? Who declared that each "A&E" patient should be seen in 'x' minutes? In other words, who put our wonderful hospital staff under such pressures?
     Governments, that's who! I was reliably informed by a most eminent gentleman at my local hospital that they now boasted three managers to one bed. How can this be I ask? When I was a mere sprat, Matron ruled the ward, the bay, the bed-end of story, so where have all these highly paid, ineffectual, namby pamby managers come from? Why is it that hospitals ran smoothly years ago but nowadays all you hear about are tragic deaths due to a cock-up of some sort or other or a lack of staff because budgets rule?
     A trusted lady friend once started work at a hospital where she was told that her duties involved checking/changing oxygen pipe tubing, tissue box replacements, linen cupboard organisation etc etc. She found it very boring indeed. One fine day she went to help an old lady with her dinner as she was struggling with the cutlery; bad mistake! She was promptly hauled away and told, in no uncertain terms, that such actions were not part of her job description and that if she had nothing to do for the next thirty minutes or so she had best 'look busy' by walking around the hospital for half an hour! She left the job altogether as she simply could not get her head around the fact that helping another, less able bodied person, was not in her job description. And that is what has gone wrong with our wonderful and much revered NHS service folks - too many "Chief's", too many rules/regulations and too few "Indians"!(and don't anyone start screaming racist at that turn of phrase thank you). Thanks to the idiotic American culture that's finally arrived of su-ing anyone for anything, everybody is afraid to step out of line for fear of legal redress-helping people has become secondary. Health & Safety has crippled this country and "risk assessments" have sliced the nations crutches in half. 

"A FURIOUS coroner has attacked paramedics who left an accident victim drowning in a ditch because they did not want to breach health and safety rules."
     Now let's get a grip here folks, if my son, brother, cousin, whatever, had died because of the lack of attention of the medical team (ie, not getting him out of the ditch) then I'm afraid that they would be hospitalised for some considerable time for as the Coroner stated: 

“I was brought up in a country where men risked their own lives to save the lives of others. That was a period in our history which has almost ceased.” (MIchael Rose, Coroner)
     Here's another priceless H&S gem that cost a life!
     But, sadly, we are now a nation of namby-pamby's. Even a government report states the obvious when it found that normal children's activities such as climbing trees, playing in mud, camping out in the back garden were now parts of growing up that were fast disappearing! While 57% of their parents were members of the Scouts or Brownies, only 16% of today's youngsters sign-up and over a quarter (28%) admit they probably would not let their children climb a tree! What a sad state of "cotton wool" kids we have reared. Congratulations to all those sickly, spineless 'do-gooders' that appeared in the 70's who wanted to protect everyone from everything! Have you seen the "Risk Assessment" form that now goes with the application to perform a 'Charity Walk' on a nice quiet Sunday morning? Page after page of them yet you walk those same streets, roads, paths everyday of your life as a part of your normal daily routine! They have created a whole industry out of Health & Safety cobblers advice, mostly in areas where simple common sense should prevail.
     For those that can't see whats coming I suggest you nip over to Detroit and have a 'looksee', for my American friends tell me that if you fly over there and spend a couple of hundred dollars you could end up as the cities 'hero of the day'-so impoverished has Detroit become! You may have guessed already that Detroit has 'filed for bankruptcy'; except a local judge has halted the proceedings saying that it is some sort of insult to the president (hilarious) ..... which one I ask? You really ought to read the 25 reasons why Detroit is now 'less than half a Detroit'! Look how hard the Michigan anti smokeban protestors have been fighting-to no avail as more & more businesses close down. Beware folks, whatever happens in America ..... we follow like sheep! Point No 10 stands out like a sore thumb which says:  "Less than half of the residents of Detroit over the age of 16 are working at this point." Now this is a sore point with some because we are, slowly but surely, going to arrive at the same situation in this country as we allow more and more immigrants into this country.     
     We sit here today with unemployment rising to 2.52m yet we are told that we need more immigrants to fill the jobs that are vacant ..... but there are NOT 2.52m vacancies (808,000 actually)!           However, we find that the EU are happily stabbing us in the back by offering EU workers £900 if they get a job in THIS country! And we still have idiots in powerful positions telling us that WE NEED to be part of a more corrupt society than the one we already belong to!

David Cameron has said he agrees that immigration represents a constant drain on Britain's public services. 

(Hand on heart folks - I couldn't give a shit!)

On the other hand we have the Camoron telling us "that immigration represents a constant drain on Britain's public services." Well folks, it would seem that all that Oxford education wasn't wasted after all as the obvious is spouted from the mouth of 'the chosen one' - well, we did elect him didn't we. The problem is that 'the chosen one' speaks with forked tongue! He spouts referendum, but since his little parlais with the Bilderberg mobsters he will NOT be honouring his vows with regard to a referendum. 

Maggie Thatcher, a female recently laid to rest bless her, had 'balls', this "man" possesses none. He is not a power for the people at all, he is simply another puppet happy to go along with all the namby-pamby, arse licking wannabe world leaders who think that a united world is the 'be all & end all' of humanity. Well guess what folks it isn't-and here's a prime example of why it isn't!
Tragic: 87-year-old Dorothy Griffiths was left unattended for ten minutes because her Muslim nurse was praying, an inquest heard 
Dorothy Griffiths - died because of another's religious belief!
     Abdul Bhutto, an agency nurse, told junior staff they would have to wait to tend to Dorothy Griffiths until he finished praying, ie, before he would attend to 87-year-old Dorothy  Griffiths, who died nine days later. Mrs Griffiths, who suffered from  Alzheimer’s, was left on the floor while the Muslim nurse continued to pray on his mat. Do these dopey, so called, world leaders think that they are going to conquer religious fanaticism like this and unite the world? I don't think so for incidents like this (and there are plenty of them that go unreported) only serve to fuel people's dislike of Muslim ideals & practices further toward hatred. People who can happily drag frightened, screaming animals onto a concrete killing block, or into a metal head vice so as to cut their throats, allowing them to bleed to death are seriously sick in the head. How do you civilise or Westernise a barbaric culture like this? You can't, it's as simple as that yet we are allowing more and more immigrants (a big percentage of them Muslim) into this country, a country that will soon lose it's identity! But this country's been doing that since the 1970's when the 'do-gooders' got a foot in the door and it has got so bad now that you daren't say 'Good morning' to some people lest they take offence. No wonder we are fast becoming a 'dog eat dog' nation of people, who have no chance of progressing for the simple reason that the large numbers of immigrants coming here are forcing us to regress.
We even have the World health Organisation interfering with our human rights as they have now, after many years of trying, got a religious leader to condemn shisha pipe smoking by him declaring a "fatwa". Not only has this so called eminent man banned shisha pipe smoking but also “prohibited from providing shisha-smoking services or any activity associated with shisha”.   
 Dr Abdul Shukor Husin denies Malysians their rights
Margaret Chan must be almost orgasmic at that result for they (the WHO) have fed Prof Emeritus Tan Sri Dr Abdul Shukor Husin with all the anti-smoking bilge and (probably) non of the actual truth. I pity the poor people of Malaysia for who knows what punishments will be meted out to those who fancy a smoke! 
     But then truth doesn't matter to the WHO anymore, their proposed endgame does-but the question arises yet again: "if smoking rates are declining, then why are cancer cases continually rising?" They don't want you to ask that one folks as they cannot lie about that.
     Perhaps the WHO actually think that by eradicating smoking there will be no illnesses, thus no need for hospitals anymore and therefore no more 'cost evalutions' which completely overshadow patient care it seems!
Smoking debate anyone?


  1. Got to put the other side for the NHS Phil. My cancer treatment is second to none. No cost restraints there. My grandson's severe haemophelia treatment second to none. No cost restraints there and the costs are huge. My wife's Parkinsons treatment second to none. No cost restraints there. All staff wonderful and if there is red tape none of us has seen it. Its just the bad cases make the news. For every appalling example of treatment there must be 10000 good examples. Give 'em a break!!! Having said that, those appalling examples must be eradicated. There is no excuse for them

    1. I totally agree Barry. My own cancer treatment has been absolutely unbelievable (apart from the Chemo blip which almost killed me) and I don't wish to denigrate the NHS at all but successive governments have piled more and more pressure on the ground floor staff by inventing more & more managers to the point where these people are no longer cost effective-hence all the screaming about costs and cutting patient times down. Personally I think it is disgraceful that our greatest treasure is being obviated by financial constraints!

  2. I have to agree with Barry that some fine work is done within our NHS but the facts are that Bad working practices have undermined our NHS and Must be stopped. Government after Government have helped to create this situation with very bad decisions and more and more so called "Managers" and groups having been created, all of which have proven to be detrimental to the NHS and the Public. It has ALL been about Money not Care, the NHS needs More Workers Not Talkers.

  3. If the NHS was so great why have I just had to pay privately over £1000 for diagnostic tests that would have had me wait until March 2014 to have at a NHS hospital ?