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Abbot (without Costello)

 Smoking bans KILL businesses-FACT!
     Yesterday was, as fellow blogger Dick Puddlecote describes, a good day for not only was Plain Packaging chucked in good old Dusty Bin, but the minimum price proposal for alcohol went with it.
     The first was the brainchild of those ever demanding fruitcakes from Tobacco Control-who originally promised us that they only wanted to ban smoking on short haul flights of 2hrs or less (see, they even lied at the very start of their campaign!). Plain packaging was subject to a public consultation-well, supposedly but as usual, government twisted things around to suit themselves-much to the annoyance of Fatty Arbuckle Abbot who. when interviewed yesterday promptly proclaimed that this government were killing 'x zillion' children every day by not imposing plain packaging.
Fatty Arbuckle Abbott in full, vitriolic flow
     Now I would have thought, as she is the shadow health minister, that she would have very little to shout about considering her gross stature! After all we are looking at an extravagantly fed lump that is well into obesity yet said fat lump is extolling the lack of health options now removed by this government! The uselessly biased BBC did their utmost to conceal their grief on the matter as Simon Clark kindly points out over at Taking Liberties.
     You will note that Diane Abbott amplifies the point that 53% were in favour of PP when in fact that was only the government filled survey that she was talking about. Now this "Public Consultation survey" was not easy to find I can tell you but find it I did, as did 2423 others (see page 14 here sorry DP, nicked this bit from you!). As you can imagine, a significant proportion of the 1,350+ pro PP 'filler-innerers' will be state-funded bodies or individuals rounded up by the likes of Arnott, Duffy etc so as to bolster their side of things. But that still leaves over a thousand goodly souls who bothered themselves to say cobblers! More interestingly (I think anyway), is that 'THE' public consultation, despite much garnering & falsifying of votes by TC ended up with a resounding victory for common sense; ie the common man! Arnott, Duffy, Dockrell, Farren et al must have been mortified to find that they had been slaughtered by almost 2-1 as more than 422,000 "NO" votes rolled into town. Even all their skulduggery only managed to poll slightly less than a mere quarter of a million votes-some drubbing eh! I'll bet the Arnott was puking in her bedwarming-pan after all her vicious scheming & plotting was rejected. Antique Cooper Brass Bed Warmer - Warming Pan - Decorative Star Wood Handle 38"Mind you, why this evil bitch is still being paid the exorbitant amount she is paid is totally beyond this writer!
     It's truly hilarious watching the TC mob squirm, especially as this report has now surfaced which states categorically that:

"I discovered the evidence was really weak," explained lead author Ronald Bayer, a professor at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health. "The evidence of harm to non-smokers on the beach or in a park from someone smoking is virtually non-existent." 

     Ooh, Debbie baby, eat your rotten, self indulgent & well overpaid heart out! There it is..... THE TRUTH!
     Smoking bans are imposed because a small number of people dislike the smell of burning tobacco therefore they have abused the positions they have attained by imposing their miserable, intolerant  lifestyles on anyone who dares to smoke-Godber being a prime example! But are they right to do so?
     Here's a little gem from a Dr Mike Knapton (h/t Sean S) who openly discusses the fact that air pollution is dire,  and says "it is ... reasonable to consider that air pollution may have made some contribution to the earlier deaths of up to 200,000 people in 2008." Now you have to take on board the fact that the reviled BHS (who sack smokers) have known of this all along yet complain and lobby only against smokers ! Stress is the biggest cause of heart attacks (and other problems) yet people such as the BHF only want to tell you about possible harms from smoking!
     Ralph Tarrant, now Britains oldest living person (110) smoked until he was 70..... 40 years ago! Hopefully we don't have to put up with the Arnott until she is 70! When she gets cremated she will be gone in a puff of smoke-how ironic eh! Ralph gave up smoking when he felt it right to do so, not when some 'nannyist pussy' decided that he should-and that's how it should be folks, after all, everyman is the father of his own destiny! It's in the genes. Some people live very short lives and some, like Ralph, live very long lives. Some people are very thin and some are Diane Abbotts. Some are 5ft or less and some wander the streets at a lofty 6ft 4inches, it's all in the genes and no one can dictate at birth what another persons life will be. 
     Madam Calment who reached 120 yrs enjoyed a life that included alcohol, cigarettes, chocolates and sweets. As well as her sweet tooth, she was fond of cheap red wine, fois gras and a rich local stew.
Madame Jeanne Calmet - 120!
     After such a long life her doctors advised her, at 117 if you please, to give up smoking & drinking port. This typifies the ridiculous thought patterns of these people fo at the age of 117 who would actually care if their number was up today, tomorrow or 27 days down the line? I would have thought that the government would have been delighted when she finally left us-just think how much she cost in benefits since retiring!
     More good news comes as we hear that Romania follows Poland against EU call to ban menthol & slim cigarettes. Hallelujah baby, common sense prevails once again. Why single out menthol fags? Any ideas out there? Why single out slim cigarettes unless this is a direct attack on female smokers. The Poles objected because it costed their economy too much..... one day, just one day our government will actually sit back and count the costs to this country. £34bn if anyones interested! £34bn that could have easily been diverted to our ailing, failing NHS where doctors & nurses are ever increasingly put under more and more pressure by desk jockeys on ramped up wages that serve very little actual purpose in our hospitals. But we will founder on until the inevitable happens-BANKRUPTCY.
We started with a bit of Abbott & Costello, minus the Costello bit of course, and we'll finish with a bit of comedy that would have done the pair proud-except that this really does show the depths to which the people of this country have plummeted.
Whistling Kevin Gifford

Dad-of-three Kevin Gifford loved to liven up his early-morning milk rounds with some music — until a handful of grumpy locals complained. Kevin, 52, delivers to 340 houses a day in several districts of Leicester. He says only five people in the posher areas complained — and four of them were not even customers. Doesn't that totally sum up what a cheerless, intolerant nation of sourpusses we've become sinec the 'do-gooders' gained a foothold in the early 70's. No one is supposed to be happy in their work anymore, well obviously not Kevin as he got a warning from his bosses for 'disturbing the peace' (apparently). 
     A pint of milk a day cuts chances of heart disease and stroke These are just the sort of people that this nation DOESN'T need as, Health & Safety nutters now roam in packs, EHOs want everyone to grass everyone else up (irrespective of job losses), killjoys  (and turds like these 'infamous five') moan their little bedsocks off because someone is happy in their work. If Kirby & West would like to furnish me with the complainants addresses I'll happily deliver a 4 pinter to each house-straight through the letterbox! 
Despite all the comedy, above listed, we do have to finish on a joyous note folks! Sorry, but I'm afraid we do 
Remember a  certain seaside town that became the "Green Town"? Yep, you got it right, good old Brighton, where the only poliutical argument was whether they be Red or they be Green.
Well folks, a minor upset was caused by the good burgers of  Hanover & Elm region as this result shows!

Election Candidate Party Votes %
Emma Daniel The Labour and Co-operative Party 1396 40% Elected
David Stuart Gibson Green Party 1358 39% Not elected
Robert John Knight Conservative Party 275 8% Not elected
Patricia Ann Mountain UKIP 250 7% Not elected
Phil Clarke Trade Union and Socialists Against Cuts 172 5% Not elected
Lev Eakins Liberal Democrats 56 2% Not elected

     The Red mob have sneaked past the Green mob again in what is basically a two horse race but have a look at the 3rd & 4th places.      
     The Tories 'held' onto 3rd place by a mere 25 votes from UKIP - and this in an area where UKIP expected absolutely nothing!
     And if you look a bit further down; ie, to the very bottom, you will see that the almost now defunct ilLiberal-unDems amassed a whole 56 votes from just over 3,000 voters - good job you've got that retirement pension to look forward to Nick   
Clegg is as useless as the Abbott creature, who felt the need to bleat on endlessly about losing the PP lawmaking proposition, perhaps after the next elections, when hopefully both will be out on their ear, they can team up as the new double act:- Abbott & Clegello!

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