Friday, 19 July 2013

Here come the Little - Kumar's

Smoking bans KILL businesses - FACT!

 (h/t to Tug:)
     Well, well, well folks, it seems that it takes a man of integrity to finally spout the truth we have all known for nearly twenty years - Smoking is NOT the biggest single cause of Lung Cancer!
( Dr Harpal Kumar-head honcho of the liars at CRUK )
Dr Harpal Kumar said that while the number of smokers is falling, which is leading to an overall reduction in the number of those developing lung cancer, there are still a steady 6,000 people developing the disease who do not smoke.

     So, smoking rates are supposedly decreasing (government likes to think so at any rate) yet lung cancer rates are not - well there's a thing! Apparently there are 6,000 new LC cases per annum but less smokers to blame it on, so asbestos & AIR POLLUTION has suddenly appeared in the mix! Now isn't this exactly what Dr Kitty Little was banging on about in the 1980's & 90's ..... but was ignored because her views didn't suit political agenda - especially Godbers plan of lies & deceits! I cannot remember how many times I have cited this woman's work, always to be ignored but now the 'famous' Kumar's have taken up the mantle of truth then it must be so!
    The TV version-Meet the Kumars
It is very easy to see why her work was always put to one side for she stated the obvious:-

  • tobacco smoke contains no carcinogens, while diesel fumes contain four known carcinogens; (hmmm, I thinks that's now debatable folks!)
  • that lung cancer is rare in rural areas, but common in towns;
  • that cancers are more prevalent along the routes of motorways;
  • that the incidence of lung cancer has doubled in non-smokers over past decades;
  • and that there was less lung cancer when we, as a nation, smoked more.
      Pointing out that there has been evidence for over 40 years that smoking does not cause lung cancer, Dr Little says:
"Since the effect of the anti-smoking campaign has been to prevent the genuine cause from being publicly acknowledged, there is a very real sense in which we could say that the main reason for those 30,000 deaths a year from lung cancer is the anti-smoking campaign itself".
     Pretty damning I'd say, wouldn't you? In trying to force a false agenda onto people by mindbending (not to mention moving goalposts on a monthly basis to avoid massive EU fines) it would appear to me that government themselves are liable for many deaths since Kitty Little announced the truth..... which was promptly subdued!
     So now we know just how corrupt governments can be and how much more corrupt they are likely to be in future years. After all, how many idiot MPs, totally ignorant of the truth were suckered into that "FREE VOTE" on the reformed 2006 Health Act where ASH played them like puppets on a string? Actually 453 puppets were taken in by the so called 'experts' who savaged SHS as the biggest killer of all time-some 'experts' eh? The biggest problem now is that having made this horrendous law by virtue of being hoodwinked by so called 'experts', government are going to need a bucketful of courage to admit that they were duped in the first place! I'll leave this mini blog with one simple pictorial thought in your minds.......
Suck in that crap, baby, suck it in!


  1. Can't wait for ASH, WHO and DoH to reply. We know for definite where Labour stand, they will do nothing to help pubs and clubs so to voters the choice is simple, CAN'T SMOKE, WON'T VOTE (Labour), UKIP here we come


  2. As you say Phil the Truth is finally coming out but as we know anti smoking campaigns and promotions make " some " people very Rich, people as we know are Not concerned at least when it comes to Evidence or the Truth, they just keep picking up the Taxpayer Funding. In the case of SHS it is Proven that it Cannot be raised to any level that would cause Harm so the ill thought out Smoking Ban Must be Reformed or done away with all together, it was a con and a fraud from day one, the anti smoking loons need to be named and Shamed over their involvement in our Pubs and Clubs Forced Closures and they should be made to Pay compensation.

  3. The answer is vote UKIP, they are our only hope on restoring sanity to our country.


  4. I've made reference to Dr Little's research innumerable times over the past few years both in conversation and in comments sections around the world. The problem, however, is that Tobacco Control have so comprehensively brainwashed not only the people but also their governments, that to suggest that smoking is not the cause of LC is considered the ultimate heresy. I am generally pilloried and/or dismissed as a complete fruit-cake for even entertaining such a half-baked idea.

    There are, as they say, none so blind as those who will not see.