Monday, 30 November 2009

Sense in Liverpool-Wow!

We have all seen the devastattion caused since California decided smoke bans were the new edict, the new curse on a minority and the greatest health move in the history of man. Well, back in good old England we have our own 'California'. It's called Liverpool!
Liverpool, most people will remember, is famous for the 'fab four', the songmeisters, the Beatles.
Also, Liverpool is famous for people like Ken Dodd, Cilla Black & Gerry and the Pacemakers who, apparently 'Ferry'd across the Mersey' with great success!
Latterly, Liverpool have donned the "Smoke Free" mantle. I can only assume that Liverpool felt they needed to see themselves as the flagship city of England in this anti smoking tirade sweeping Europe.

Liverpool declared itself a "smoke free city" but how the hell can it be a smoke free city when 25% of the populace damn well smoke? It's all bullshit propaganda spouted by over zealous, ass wiping non smokers on the city Council. The non smokers may well dream of a smoke-free city but it is simply never going to happen.

No doubt most smokers will be aware ogf the fact that Liverpool wanted to 'X'-rate films that displayed smoking. For some idiots the sight of people smoking in films where children could actually watch this heinous act was proof enough that they would rush out and buy cigarettes and smoke themselves to death. As a simpleton I would have thought that any scenes displaying any form of sexual activity would have been a far more serious subject as we certainly don't want to be over-run by legions of unmarried, benefit existing teenage mothers!
With smokers fearing the worst an amazing about turn has occurred.

Proposals to give automatic 18 ratings to films shown in Liverpool which feature smoking characters have been rejected by councillors.

Let me repeat that bombshell.

Proposals to give automatic 18 ratings to films shown in Liverpool which feature smoking characters have been rejected by councillors.

A public consultation found little support for the idea and cinema owners felt it would affect business. yes, you read this right - a public consultation. WOWEE! So for once, Joe Public actually had a say in policy instead of being told what is going to happen whether they liked it or not. What a strange occurrence for Englands California. Note also that it was considered it may affect business. Well, that's all the anti smoking brigade do-affect businesses. Detrimentally!
Liverpool's Primary Care Trust had made all the usual bleatings about indoctrination by images etc etc, for the PCT were on a roll and never expected any of their plans to be ko'd. But the people spoke!

In a public consultation, 73% of young people asked about the policy opposed the idea. Officials found that 65% of adults questioned also opposed the idea. The amazing thing here is that these 'against' figures have actually been reported and not doctored to suit PCT purposes-as much of this governments consultation figures have been.
When you read that 75% of smokers 'want to quit' and that 'compliance runs at 98%' it makes you wonder if there is any hope for smokers in this war against tobacco.
Common sense and honesty has prevailed in the last place this writer would have considered it possible. The true figures have been recorded and acted upon by a council that obviously has morals.

Perhaps, at long last, common sense is going to prevail for it is obvious that if you like smoking you'll smoke, if you don't, you won't. No amount of film watching is going to suddenly turn you into a fervent smoker, conversely, no amount of prohibition is going to stop you smoking. Both are your freedom of choice.

On this rarest of occasions Simple Simon gives Liverpool City Council a massive thumbs up. Perhaps other councils ought to take note as there are plenty of kids who need the kind, loving family environments that smoking foster parents/adopters can provide. Still, one step at a time.


  1. I am glad that I can still be able to take my children to see classics like 101 Dalmations that would have been 'x' rated if Liverpool council had got their way !!

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