Wednesday, 4 November 2009

The answer to "SPOB's"

Today is quite a day really, for it is November 4th, though tomorrow would have been better suited to the news! November 5th was that infamous day when Guido Fawkus attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliament.

Today, November 4th is the day that many in this country will wish he (and his cohorts)had succeeded! For today is the first day that our Stinking Pile of Bilge (SPOB'S, ie, elected rulers, celebrate our complete inclusion in the Eurodump under the guise of the so called Lisbon Treaty.

The "SPOB's" came into power with promises of reform, promises of a referendum for the British people-in fact, promises of all sorts of fair practice. In reality they have done exactly the opposite as we now have more than 3,000 stealth taxes imposed upon us, many for misdemeanours most normal people wouldn't even dream of! We have a Health & Safety brigade that now consider every action before possibly allowing such action to take place-I mean to say, who on this earth would contemplate banning a 'bake your own' cake stall at a school fete? Health & Safety did in Scotland.
We will now be subject to all manner of euro rules and regulations, probably proposed/decided upon by some delegate from Albania who hasn't the slightest idea where the river Thames actually is.

Gordon Brown, head man of the "SPOB's" has hailed the ratification "an important and historic step for all of Europe". Important? definitely so, as this is the end of England as we know it. Historic? definitely, as we have given away our soveriegnty to the rest of europe.
Two World Wars, yet we remained a proud & defiant independent nation but the "SPOB's" have dismissed all that by sneaking around europe signing up little treaty agreements here, there and everywhere until we were totally enveloped by the mass of so called intellectual progressors.

Ireland was bullied and bought into line after their referendum of the people decided No, Non, Niet, etc etc. Sarkovsky (the French playboy PM-another "SPOB") could not stomach such a result and informed the world that democracy must prevail therefore the Irish can keep having referendums until they vote correctly-YES!
Millions of euro's were thrown at the problem (our money, the people's money) so as to procure the 'correct result', yet the day after this 'marvellous success, one of the contributors (£400,000) laid off 500 workers! What a marvellous success that was then!

The only man in europe with any form of brainpower was Vaclav Klaus, the Czech PM. Valiant though his efforts were he eventually succumbed to the court system. Quote:-
"But he was left with no choice after the Czech constitutional court threw out a complaint by senators who believe the treaty will destroy the nation's sovereignty".
Klaus echoed the fears of many Britons after signing through gritted teeth. He said in Prague: "With the Lisbon Treaty taking effect, the Czech Republic will cease to be a sovereign state." Well Vaclav, so will this country my friend!

I dread to think what this will cost this country in terms of money we no longer have, pensions we no longer have, the will to live in a free and democratic society which we no longer have.

The only bright side of all this (if there is a bright side) is that the 'grinning jackernapes', the second best leader/actor in the world after Ronald Reagan, seems now destined NOT to be the EU President. Thank God for that! For what that man did to this country in 10 years of misrule, before handing over the reins to his equally inept Chancellor, is unbelievable.
NewLabour, NuLabour, NuLiebor, NuBollox!
His mainstay of unruly youth culture is 'blame the parents' for everything. haul them into court, fine them, imprison them, slaughter them - except, of course, when his son is found pissed out of his head in London. March these youngsters to the cash machines and extract £80 from their accounts. Just how many teenagers have that amount in a bank account after a night out? His did, but amazingly didn't have to pay!

We now find that only Britain's most fundamental abilities to defend itself and set taxes are not affected by Lisbon. Well surprise, surprise-for which other european country can possibly match our crucifying tax laws. Because our tax laws are so out of line with the rest of europe there is no way that one single euro tax system would ever work-this is why this exemption has been made.

Now let's get to the draconian smoking ban implemented July 1st, 2007!
German courts overturn their smokeban.
Holland overturns their smokeban.
Croatia overturns their smokeban.
Britain slaughters smokers in the courts-even when they are not smoking!
Germany understands the need for smokers within businesses!
Holland understands the need for smokers within businesses!
Croatia understands the need for smokers within businesses!
Britain slaughters business owners for trying to maintain their businesses-even when they are shopping in their local Macro!
So when does the new 'Euro-Britain' fall into line with the rest of europe and allow people to earn a living again? When do the British courts, now under euro jurisdiction treat the accused to a fair and just trial. When do the courts provide justice and not some charade played out to suit the pockets of the judicial system? We wait with bated breath.

As for this writer? I am but a simple soul, born & bred in this country. brought up to respect certain things, brought up to expect fairness and equality, brought up to expect my human rights to be respected and brought up to expect a pension IF (unfortunately for the government) I realise that landmark of 65 years of age.
Now, having seen all that has happened, I simply want to pick up my gun, gather a few supplies and sit outside the Houses of Parliament "SPOB" shooting. I have this wonderful vision in mind of all those self important individuals receiving a single 7.62 bullet to the head as they leave their place of so called employ. The "SPOB's" have taken away all that I held dear as I grew up, all that I humbly expected as my right of birth, all that I looked forward to in declining years. They have stolen and destroyed my very soul.
So Guido Fawkus, I salute your attempts to remove that pile of bricks that houses the "SPOB's", perhaps you should have picked them off one by one! Let's face it Guido, you would probably have got half of them whilst the 'force' of the day were stopping/fining horse&cart drivers for some misdemanor of other. I will celebrate your attempts tomorrow night with alacrity as I furnace all my hedge cuttings in the name of celebrating Nov 5th.

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  1. Labour has stolen all of our freedoms and lied to us about the Iraq war, referendums, smoking bans and on many other issues.

    I used to think I lived in a democracy where fair play and truth were normal until Labour started betraying the voting public.

    Gordon the Gurner bleats on about democracy in Afghanistan but has denied democracy to good and honest uk citizens.

    Shame on him and all the grinning, gurning traitors that have infested the Labour party.