Monday, 29 January 2018

And the survey says Simon..... !

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     Some of you may be a little surprised that our anti-anti-tobacco guru Mr Simon Clark has suddenly decided to oust me from his facebook page for something that he found abhorrent. Now why he found the truth abhorrent is totally beyond me...but he did, bless him. So, despite Simons millions of words demanding that the truth be spoken regarding SHS, 3rdH/S, standing next to a smoker etc he blatantly fails in that very sphere himself! Here is the 'crime' from a facebook post: I stated, quite clearly that "I couldn't wait for the day when that destroyer of lives & lifestyles, Deborah Arnott, was diagnosed with some/any form of cancer. It would be Karma of some magnitude" - or words very similar.
     Now many of you know how I work so you won't be surprised at the result of a survey (1,000 people asked) I have been quietly carrying out over the past 31/2yrs and the result may well upset a few people-one of them being Mr Simon Clark himself.
     Q: As cancer is now literally a 50/50 chance to strike any person, anywhere, any time, please signify clearly where your 'cancer arrow' would be aimed:-
  1.       Jane Deville-Almond
  2.       Deborah Arnott
  3.       Linda Bauld
  4.       Amanda Sandford
      Now this might surprise a few but despite her claims of "let them die", the 'Devil' woman did not come top. And nor did Linda Bauld who hides away up in Stirling University, fearing that Frank Davis might just 'chuck a brick' through her window-for all the pathetic statistics she felt the need to bring about. Poor old Amanda Sandford was equally bereft of votes even though her beef was simply that smokers should refrain from smoking outside of their own homes! No, ladies & gentlemen of the world the clear winner was 'our debs', yep, 'dirty debs' who's lying, cheating, manipulating ways conned Blair's government to vote in a total smoking ban - the worst in Europe! (Incidentally, did you know that Cherie Blairs sister has just been defrocked as a Trustee after 'mislaying' a mere £90,000 of charity money!?) Result in full:-
  1.       Deborah Arnott = 903 'best' wishes
  2.       Jane Deville-Almond = 43 'best' wishes
  3.       Linda Bauld = 39 'best' wishes
  4.       Amanda Sandford = 15 'best' wishes
     So you see Simon it is not just myself that has such heinous thoughts about a woman that wants to deny all smokers their freedom of choice & expressions, in fact it seems that it is shared by 90% of those surveyed. Will you be barring all of them from your facebook page, FOREST website and/or whatever else you control? You see Simon, the survey was conducted purely to guage smokers reactions to the smoking ban and those at the forefront of the campaign. The result says it all Simon, it is the will of the people my friend! And if you are so worried about their tender, caring sides why on earth are you castigating them (anti-smoking mob) for their latest, so called, hard hitting smoker hating adverts depicting the journey of tar through the body? One further thought for you to mull over Simon: having suffered severely from and, happily beaten cancer, I think that I am perfectly qualified to state my opinion on who SHOULD have a dose of 'Mr C' (reality) and who shouldn't for there are plenty of non smokers who fall foul of the awful disease are there not my friend? In fact, is it not a fact that 80% of lung cancer cases appertain to non smokers? Anyway, I am a great believer in freedom of speech, such a shame that some people are so easily offended by such!
Halimo Hussein (centre) led the chants inside the packed cafe on Saturday and repeatedly shouted: 'We have nothing to lose but our chains' 
An idiot with long hair & very short brain!
     Talking about sensitivities & feelings is it not time that these idiot Liberal Lefties were simply locked up in an asylum, BEDLAM springs to mind? What on earth are they doing charging into the BLIGHTY Cafe ranting on about Churchill being a racist? Are they totally deluded? Has Soros finally got his financial weight behind the education system in this country and so turning the minds of the young into indoctrinated mush? Boris Johnson summed these idiots up perfectly by saying:

"This outrageous behaviour represents the hard left's politics which is of the most puerile and ignorant kind."

     Such a shame that someone didn't have the presence of mind to employ a fire extinguisher and 'wash' the filth from a perfectly nice, totally British cafe. Halimo Hussein, 24, a politics student, who is the co-president of Equality and Liberation at SOAS, University of London, later asked the owner to apologise to the local community.
     Excuse me here but there is only one side that needs to apologise and it is NOT the cafe owner. In truth 'HH' & Co should all be publicly flogged for disrespecting one of our greatest ever leaders.
     And with even greater stupendous lunacy the Welsh are considering giving 16-17yr olds the right to vote, the surest sign ever that Labour are desperate to win the next election at any cost. (Didn't Corbyn want to charge non whites a tenner less for some conference in Loughborough but has had to chuck that idea!) What in God's good name do the youth of today know about politics? Absolutely sod all is the answer and the next thing we'll see is Corbyn giving out free i-pads to all 16-17 yr olds if they vote Labour - after all, he has now declared that he will GIVE all 8,000 homeless a free house when he becomes PM! So, he is happy for all those working to struggle their socks off to keep the old head above water, without the hope of property purchase, but those who simply sit around doing nothing, except occupy pavements, will all get a house - and no doubt all the bills payed for and a bit of pocket money! The man is a 'Forest Gump' (stupid is as stupid does!)
     Back to the great smoking debate, which is still closing businesses down, we find that ALL councils are now cutting back on smoking cessation financial backing as ALL local councils now have seriously BIG budget problems. We said from the very start of this lunacy that the financial costs would kill the silly law and so it is proving as government subsidies have plummeted from £25m - £5m - oh I say!
     And now for the top story that caps everything!
     A gentleman by the name of Michael Fisher (Teeside area) has opened up a specialist Cannabis Club where smokers, for a modest fee of £35 per annum, can smoke their heads off in complete comfort and also play pool - without fear of prosecution re: smoking in an enclosed space! Pardon!!!
 Cannabis clubs could soon open across the UK
     'EXHALE' - smoke & play pool!
     North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner Arfon Jones visited the Middlesbrough-based club on Saturday, after attending a football game, to talk about how it set up and how it works. He has backed the use of cannabis medicinally, and said: ‘I visited Teeside Cannabis Club because I wanted to see how it was run. The members bring their own cannabis, it isn’t grown on the premises and they’re not dealing or supplying. So as far as Mr Plod are concerned everything is OK - so there is absolutely nothing to stop licensees opening up their own private (cannabis?) smoking rooms so as to try to regain some of the lost patronage since 2007!

      Apparently there are now 5 counties now very lax on low level cannabis users and this can only spread further, especially as a club is touted for North Wales (now I wonder who might be behind that idea?)
     Just goes to show you that you never know what's next around that proverbial corner but life goes  inexorably onward. In a country that is ever faster sinking due to the imbecilic PC brigade who are frightened to death to say a wrong word it is very nice to see a little tolerance shown to those who enjoy that which a warped & retarded government deem illegal.
Keep fighting the good fight folks, I know I will!


    1. The drugs war, by the government, has nothing to do with "health issues for the people" but it's about control and money. It needs to end.

    2. I makes you wonder just what is next in this mixed up Country, some years ago the government told us they had lost the war on drugs but now it seems they endorse their use whilst at the same time still keeping up their hatred towards the humble smoker, who's only crime was to keep business in business and people in work, time for a massive re think, what we need is a Minister for Loneliness to talk to those millions of smokers on how their social lives could be improved. Tug.

    3. If the police are okay with private members clubs where people can smoke cannabis indoors, then surely it must be the same for those that smoke tobacco or shisha as the smoking ban makes no exception for cannabis smokers. Lets hope that this is the start of trend as we all need places, in which we can socialise. The one fits all smokefree model is not liked, does not work and must change.