Friday, 29 December 2017

The absolution

     Greetings to you all as we fast approach the New Year where I have no doubt whatsoever that TC (tobacco control) will come up with whatever lies & fabrications they can dream up to say that they must continue to be funded.....courtesy of the public teat!
     The trouble is that now they are 'at war' with their own funders; ie, their own local councils who, perchance, are now under the severe hammer from the government. £millions are being cut from all local budgets and councils up and down the country are being forced to invest in the best possibilities of 'mucho returno' of wedge.
     'Enter the Dragon' as we suddenly find that local councils are turning to the tobacco companies to invest as they are obviously showing the meatiest returns. Oh how the worms all turn when it comes to financial pressures... we did state from the vefry start that the gov'ts £25m per annum buget would soon dry up
"Investments in cigarette giants including Phillip Morris and Imperial Tobacco by local authorities in England have increased by hundreds of millions of pounds over the past five years. At the same time, councils have nearly halved the money available to help smokers to beat their addiction."

     Investments in cigarette giants including Phillip Morris and Imperial Tobacco by local authorities in England have increased by hundreds of millions of pounds over the past five years. At the same time, councils have nearly halved the money available to help smokers to beat their addiction.  
You really couldn't make this up could you!
     Windsor & Maidenhead Council have upped their investments from £5m in 2012-13 to £27m in the last financial year. WOWEE!...and to top that up Theresa May’s constituency cut funding for smoking-cessation services from £278,000 to £97,000. That sounds like the rent on a shoebox & a phone operatives wages for a year to me! You see folks as time goes inexorably by the truth eeks out a little bit at a time. Now we all know that smoking bans were based on total kidology, especially as all those really boffin types have now given up trying to locate a death certificate that states the cause of death was smoking and we also now know that the alcoholic consumption figures were simply dreamed up by some idiot in a white coat that had an aura of credibility AND the media behind him. Interestingly a lady from the BBC phoned me just before Christmas asking what effect the smoking ban had done to the shisha community? I replied, quite truthfully that "apart from closing hundreds of businesses up and down the country and costing local councils a small fortune in business rates etc, the smoking ban had not affected them at all as they simply went round to each others houses to socialise." She was not amused at all at that and when I told her that "the smoking bans had incurred more problems for the government then ever imagined because of the massive scale of 'black market tobacco' " she simply asked me if I new of any suppliers! My response was quite blunt, " no, and if I did I certainly wouldn't be telling the likes of YOU!" She slammed the phone down on me so I somehow have a feeling that I didn't say what she wanted to hear.
     Thanks to Simon C we now find out that despite massive cuts in expenditure in all counties Public Health England has somehow found the resources to waste yet another £1m on our long awaited & much beloved New Year anti smoking propaganda that we all 'bust a gusset' to see, it is incredible that they now declare that there are 'only' 7 million smokers left in this country for having driven around Leicester a few times recently there must be 10% of them living here - and Louise Ross (our very own TC guru) is a great advocate of vaping as the way forward! I suppose we will all have to put up with this enormous waste of OUR MONEY but I fear that it won't alter the smoking rate one iota.
The once superb Shakespeare Inn
     Now then, here's something that could cause you shed a tear first but then, when you think of the connotations it becomes a barrel of laughs. We have a beautiful public house on Braunstone Lane going by the delightful name of "The Shakespeare Inn". Very popular the place had a good client base and provided some superb food. However, in 2007 something happened to change all that! The place rapidly went downhill and Everards were all set to close the place down-with it now becoming a liability as the 'millions simply waiting for smoke free pubs' (promised by Mr B Liar) never seemed to materialise. Indeed, not many years ago the remaining locals set too and completely redecorated the place, bringing it back to life. However not too long ago the pub had another sign attached to it (God only knows who they thought would buy a 'has been' pub doomed to more failure - as a pub). However, due to a family bereavement I found out that this once dear old boozer is.....
The now much quieter 'Shakespeare' funeral home
      Yes indeedy folks the death of a great pub created a rather large funeral parlour as the redoubtable Pender family who have built up a good steady business over the decades. Does anyone not see the irony here? Smoking ban kills businesses and a now dead & defunct pub is a home (temporarily) for the dead & defunct. Congratulations Mr Blair, hopefully, one miserable day, your lying, stinking, manipulative carcass may rest here in the cellar which, being very cold, is ideal for being turned into a Chapel of Rest! Check the two photographs out folks, I assure you that they are exactly the same property.
     You simply CANNOT get proof any more concrete than the above as to what smoking bans have done to this country yet we still have the health loons trumpetting 'success'. Where is this fantastical success for apparently there are still 7m smokers (11m+ actually) and roughly the same number of people happen to die each year, whether they be smokers or non-smoker!
     I wish you all a very Happy New Year and have a little poser for you to boggle your brains over:
     With there being just over 200 types of cancer available for the human body to suffer ( and an inordinate amout of other 'smoking related illnesses'), can you name the only cancer where there is absolutely no way that any of these crooked, so called 'scientific attestors' CAN attach or blame smoking for? 


  1. WONDERFUL year-closer Phil! Keep it up guy! Eventually we'll see those funeral homes turned back into pubs as the ISIS antismoking zombies become the beheaded instead of the beheaded and are all returned to their graves!

    Happy 2018!


  2. All aspects of our society and once pleasant way of life are being destroyed with the same tactics used by the tobacco Nazis. No vote no say just a lot of fake hot air and fake charities and organisations. All the best for 2018 B7

  3. Hi Phil, a very good piece yet again, it seems very strange to me that the P.C lot support everything to do with Choice and peoples own personal freedoms yet the freedom of having a social life in the company of like minded people and business owners is still banned, maybe 2018 will bring with it some much needed common sense, as to your little poser at the end of your piece, the anti smoking lot tell us that smoking causes All of life's ills, or maybe they are just confused, again. All the very best for the New Year to you. Tug.

  4. The answer to the poser is "SARCOMA"; ie, bone cancer as even the disreputable CROOK (CRUK) admit that scientists have 'absolutely no idea how any bone cancer begins its terrible journey - even though they do like to assert their opinion that smoking causes all known cancers. And the most farcical thing of all (?) - just look up and see what Jamrozic (the very twisted statistical basis of our smoke bans) died because of!