Sunday, 23 July 2017

Smoke on the Water

     Well we have now heard it all as 'the most miserable cow on the planet' (Debs Arnott for those unaware of the reptiles existence) has reacted to all those adonis type young people on the TV  'REALITY' programme 'Love Island'. Our good friend Frank Davis writes on the subject of her obvious loathing for anyone that dare smoke on TV but as Frank points out, the programme is shown after the 'watershed' time of 9pm: so what is her beef with all this?
The most miserable bitch on the planet

     Let's go back to the beginning and introduce you to 'the most miserable cow on the planet' - Mrs Deborah Arnot, anti-smoking crusader extra-ordinaire, the woman who bleats on about a wisp of smoke killing thousands of people yet jets around the world with careless abandon, leaving trails of emissions where-ever she may go.
     The first sign that all was not well and that some sort of anti-smoking law was to be imposed was when John Reid (a smoker) objected to the initial plans for fear of trampling on people's freedoms of choice - he was quickly removed from his position as Health Minister to another office - out of the way.
     Let's go back 11 years when the Tobacco Control organisation got into full swing shall we and see all the lies that emanated from her evil mouth & mind. It was so simple for her to "foster an atmosphere where it was perceived that active smokers would injure those around them..." as the majority of MPs were absolutely oblivious to the truth that SHS is/was harmless, that smoking was NOT a direct causer of cancer & that lung cancer had an 80% incidence in NON-smokers. All these facts were either not known at the time or simply brushed over.
...anyone notice a difference here?

     Think back also to the dire, untruthful roles played by the anti-tobacco sections within our universties, especially by the highly unglamorous Linda Bauld & equally repulsive Prof Jill Pell (who was most certainly no professor of truth!) Remember the 'fact' that smoking bans had caused no harm to businesses (just to ensure exceedingly dumb MPs that the Treasury coffers would not suffer)?
                                        Tobacco Controls pair of lying piglets: Pell & Bauld

When the truth came from over the water it was revealed that 1,000+ bars, pubs & clubs had closed due to the Irish buying their beers/spirits and drinking at home - or - each others homes! While MPs roared their approval at this simple transition from smoking to non smoking premises totally unaware that once set in motion total carnage would ensue and even more ignorant of the fact that Prof Jill Pell was already fabricating figures to 'prove' that smoking bans worked - the truth never got in the way of a good statistical bash!
     We sit here today, Sunday 23rd July, just over a decade after this disgracefully implemented ban came into force knowing that just over 17,000 once happy, viable little businesses have gone to the wall and a massive percentage of those businesses are/were Public Houses, the one time great social hub of this nation. They are not the only businesses to suffer as private clubs, Working Mens Clubs, Snooker Clubs, Liberal, Labour & Conservative Clubs have all 'died' courtesy of this rigid ban. Even the Trimdon club 'oop north' , home of Blairs successful PM campaign closed soon after the implementation of the smoking ban! I'll bet that not quite so many of his supporters were quite so ecstatic with his leadership after that event!

     We had the 'Scrappy Valley Club' nose dive from in excess of 3,000 members to less than 900 in record time, which of course led to closure but the local vanguards of the smoking ban never stopped extolling the virtues of being smokefree! They merely shrugged their pathetic, non tolerant shoulders about the fact that many areas were becoming pub free/club free. Villages lost their focal point of contact as many Post Offices followed the local pub into oblivion. Social cohesion was beginning to fall apart yet no one in Westminster took any notice.
     The ' most miserable cow on the planet' hailed the vote in parliament as the greatest piece of law making voting ever and has never stopped bleating about just how many lives this particular law has saved.....the problem is of course that it hasn't! No one can prove that not smoking has stopped anyone from dying - and they can't! Who is to say, categorically, on what date anyone will die (unless they are sentenced to be executed of course)? it is an impossibility. It was an impossibility to predict that a 14yr old fitness fantic would drop dead just yards from his home in Rothley just as it was  an impossiblity to predict that a former England footballer (44yrs old) would suddenly drop dead on a training ground! However, statisticians successfully massaged & manipulated whatever figures they could so as to brainwash the 78% of non-smokers that the 22% of active smokers were causing them harm: thus the new world of hatred was spawned as smokers were 'leperised', actively shunned & stigmatised - yet, zip forward to present day and we find that all three of these words/actions are now punishhable in law if against any non white or non British person-isn't that just so typically hypocritical of our government!
     But back to the 'Smoke on the Water'; ie, Love Island where the winner receives a rather handsome £50K prize for, basically, being the smartest, ponciest poser in there. I say poser because you only have to look at them to realise that they aren't your everyday boy or girl types. They all look as if they have seriously trained for this non-captivating event. It's non-captivating to me but apparently it has a massive TV audience ranging from 14yr 'wannabe's' to 35 yr old (probably has beens!), none of whom really care a jot about Arnott's pathetic bleatings. Amazingly Betfair do not have an open betting market on this event either!
     The programme makers do NOT script the conversations as it would render the entire show pointless and therefore allow all contestants free reign on what thaey talk about. Now the mere fact that some of the contestants smoke is totally irrelevant because, amazingly, some people still smoke in real life - now there's a thing! The thing that is more relevant to my mind is that smoking cessation funding has been drastically cut by government as the purse strings are drawn ever tighter in a vain attempt to right the great financial wrongs in this country therefore 'the most miserable cow on the planet' is simply trying to keep the Quit Smoking debate alive. yet everyone has the choice to smoke or not to smoke; eat bacon or not; drink milk or not, drive a car or not - thist of choices be endless!
Good or bad, CHOICE is your perogative!

     Indeed, here in Leicester the city council is in dire straits thus I have requested that they stop spending £960,000+ on this cities own idiotic Quit Smoking programme. However, despite my highly informative letter to the local Health & Wellbeing having had my question for a month I am still awaiting a written response - from non other than our beloved (sic) 'elected mayors' offspring Ellie Cutkelvin who just happens to head the select committee. I have no doubt that avid smoker hater Soulsby likes to keep things in the family but who knows, perhaps nepotism has not reared its ugly head on this occasion! The point of the letter was to show the council (where only a handful of voices actually matter) that wasting £420,000 on NRT products was a complete and utter disgrace! I can only assume the rest of that massive expenditure was on premises, rents, rates, silly amount wages and admin. The response will be interesting indeed and yesterday I sent a 'nudgenudge' email just to let them know that I hadn't gone away. I might even turn up at the next local area meeting and ruffle a few feathers-yeah, why not?
     Deborah Arnott ( 'the most miserable cow on the planet') obviously feels that she is now empowered to direct the flow of TV Reality that they aren't too real-life like! Anyone of the same mind as me that these loony jihadists should be enlightened about the Shoreditch address so that they could perhaps blow up fellow terrorists in a certain building - well they both want to change the British way of life so they are equal in my mind! One thing for sure that many smokers will thank Arnott for -the illegal tobacco trade and although I don't smoke I absolutely applaud anyone who does and uses 'white-van-man' for their enjoyable habit.


  1. Well Phil the lies we have had over the last 10 and more years and the false "claims" that have been constantly made have been and are absurd. We knew from day one that the smoking ban would kill our Pubs and Clubs and that has been proven a Fact not a claim. the smoking ban has been such a success that where I live we had a Prison riot at HMP Hewell the other day against further non smoking rules, goes to show that Smokers want and like to smoke. What a pity that in Britain it seems you can choose to be anything you want and any gender you want but Not a Smoker it seems, so much for Freedom of Choice. Tug.

  2. I will always feel outraged by the pub smoking ban and the damage that it continues to cause to people's lives. Government must stop wasting taxpayers money by funding all of these anti smoking groups such as ASH, that seem to take a pride in hatefully targeting smokers at every opportunity. The smoking ban was introduced off the back of junk scientific studies that need to be shown for the lies that they are, for attitudes to change and for the outright ban to be shown for the piece of discrimination that it really is for any real change to come about. The persecution and social exclusion of smokers must end