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UKIP has totally failed the people

     It may come as a major shock to many of you to know that I have resigned from UKIP and very happily sent two memberships back to the useless, gutless wonder known as Paul Nuttall for he has now put UKIP back in the same mud pile as Lib/Lab/Con (the other 'parties' simply don't matter). For your interest here is the letter I sent (yes, I did keep it polite too!):

fao Paul Nuttall,
Dear Sir,
    I have today read, with great despair, the Manifesto for 2017 and noted that one certain aspect was missing. No mention of any moves toward smoking ban reforms, which of course was an attraction for a great many UKIP supporters - me included although I don't smoke. I have been running an anti-smoking ban website for a decade and have built up a considerable database of unhappy people thanks to the worst law ever implemented in the country by a bunch of idiots in Parliament, most of whom had no idea of the lies, fabrications, manipulated statistics & junk science they were fed by Deborah Arnott, ASH & the WHO. There are very few that share my deep understanding of how this trickery was performed - probably only three of us in the entire country!
    I have been a conscientious member of our Leicester City UKIP branch and actually stood as a candidate for councillor in 2015, quadrupling the UKIP vote in my ward despite being severely disabled. I dread to think of how much time & money I have dedicated to UKIP for I truly felt that UKIP are/were the party for the people: it is so sad that there will be no more because UKIP have now proven that they are no different to the Lib/Lab/Con that we railed against in those elections.
    As for you Paul, I'm afraid that you have the personality of a dead sock, a charisma of a piece of wood and no verbal appeal at all - sorry, but that is the truth. Stoke was beyond contempt, it was a total embarrassment to the entire party; Skegness & Boston will be the same having spent a week over there talking to people.
    Nigel stepped down after BREXIT, 20+ years of tireless graft to get this country out of the abysmally corrupt EU. You have stepped into his shoes (metaphorically of course) and straight away you have gone all out to be an MP - why? What possible use are you as an MP I ask? In reality you are party leader so stick to leading the party, not trying for some position of glory in the HofC where, of course, you will be about as effective for UKIP as I would with no voice-yes I am a laryngectomee. You have far better services to the party to serve than spouting off in the House.
    Lead the party, give it direction (if you still have a direction) and don't lay out false hope for millions of working class people that simply want to enjoy a fag & pint on their way home from work. Nigel gave us/them hope but you have taken it away again. In fact you have bettered it by declaring a demand for decreasing pub numbers so why not go the whole hog and declare you want to ban alcoholic drinks and appease yet another set of prohibitionists? Remember what happened in America regarding prohibition, it wasn't pretty.
    You may well have gathered by now that I have totally resigned from UKIP, much as it galls me, but I assure you that from what I have seen on Facebook many others will be joining me as they too thought that UKIP was the smokers friend. With approximately 11.2m smokers still in this country you have now blocked an awful lot of potential voters and I doubt that you will evoke passions enough to realise ‘almost 4m voters’ again on June 8th.
    However, I will leave you to march on in your sublime ignorance and have enclosed my membership card so that you just might be able to pass it on to some other poor sap who may think that UKIP speaks for him/her.
    It was a pleasure but it is no more.
Yours sincerely
Phil J
ex-member No:80134
bonus ball: No 396615 (wife is equally disgusted)
                                               'Downtown (somewhere) 'still'
     You see folks it sometimes takes an awful lot to make a man change his POLITICAL mind about the betterment of his fellow man but UKIP, with this pathetic, brown nosing removal from the manifesto, have taken the working man's 'freedom of choice' off the table. They have listened to all the bleating by the anti-smoking/anti-tobacco brigade and decided to ignore the plight of 11.2 million smokers. That, to me, is totally wrong for 'all men are born equal' are they not? Worse still, Nuttall & cohorts now decide that the number of pubs must also decrease so why not ban alcohol too? I'm sure that such a notion will not be well received in Skegness or Boston where this deluded 'wannabe MP' has decided to stand - he will not be elected, he couldn't even tell which picture was Skegness Clock tower and which was Boston's! Let's bring American style PROHIBITION  to Britain and appease the 'do-gooders' who first started this rot of our culture back in the early '70's. Just think of it logically. UKIP need every vote they can get and Farage knew the value of the working man's vote & better than that he knew by keeping smokers (& drinkers) onboard he had a chance of building a solid core vote. From the heady days where UKIP gained nigh on 4 million votes they will sink again as they have betrayed the working classes, just as Labour have, the Tories always do & the LibDems..... well, they never actually know what they are doing except bring 50,000 more possible Jihadists into this country. The experts now think that UKIP will poll as low as 2% - big surprise eh.

     I think the thing that galls me most is that I never had any political aspirations whatsoever..... until UKIP arrived on the scene: and now they have deserted me lock, stock & no smoking barrels. They are traitors to the 11.2 million smokers in this country. They now want to be traitors to the 21 million people that enjoy a trip to the pub-sure to earn them lots of adoring voters I don't think. I felt honoured to guide Nigel Farage around Leicester, where we called in at The Old Horse for a fag & pint (I didn't smoke) and I still feel priviledged to have been able to do that but with Nuttall in charge I would only guide him to the sewage department.
     I have railed against the smoking ban (through f2c & Justice4Smokers) since before they even misguidedly voted on the affair. Even the vote that passed the law was crooked because although Mr B-Liar ordered a 'FREE VOTE' the party Whips were out in force to ensure that the WHOs demands were met. Deborah Arnott herself was even ensconced in Westminster chivvying MPs 'to do the right thing'. 
                                                    The witchbitch of old London Town

     She will get cancer one day (50% chance according to stats) and then wonder why she bothered in the first place. I'm not a cruel nor particularly vindictive person but I do hope that I get to hear that bit of news one fine day-it will make my day, for the misery that woman has caused, along with her lying, fabricating buddies in tobacco control, is immeasurable. Pub after pub has closed, rendering unemployment on a massive scale. In total, almost 17,000 businesses have gone to the wall since the smoking ban was introduced: how can that be good for any nation? I can tell you here & now that the smoking ban costs this country £1/2bn every single month it is in force. Now why would any country waste that sort of money on a freedom of choice when they prove themselves that the mantra is total utter bollox; eg, smoking supposedly "hastens the demise of millions of people every year" so why do 'they' want people to stop smoking when we have such a crisis with the number people having the audacity to live past the age of 65 and claim their rightful pension? (And that is only one part of the whole ludicrous situation that can be exposed).
100 not out-and nor is the fag!
     I have some good friends within Ukip with whom I shall keep in touch  but I can no longer support such a ragbag hillbilly outfit as they have now morphed into the 'same shit, different day' syndrome just like the others. Yes, I will still fight the intolerant & intolerable smoking ban until the day I die but from now on I will be concentrating my effort totally on my charity, "20-20 Voice" Cancer which I set up to help all those that suffer from head & neck cancers. Imagine having no voice with which to communicate - try taping your mouth up for half a day (you'll need a fag and a pint if you manage to do it) and make it known what you want, what you need, what you think - it's soul destroying I assure you. And please don't think that smoking is the primary cause or throat cancers - it isn't! A big American study revealed some very interesting facts I can tell you but Dr's just love to tell you that smoking IS the main cause (one Dr still owes me his house he was that sure of his indoctrination-I doubt I'll ever get the keys tho!)
Last year the charity finally purchased the much needed "Flexi-Video-Rhinolaryngoscope" which goes deep into the throat and relays crystal clear pictures onto a 30", full colour monitor enabling the experts to espy any of those nasty, abnormal cells that spread and cause so much grief, pain, terror and even death. That was only a start for we have so much more we need to do and to do that we need to build our support base as best we can. Awareness is somewhat limited as 87% of people (in a street survey) had no idea that cancer above the shoulders was a real thing-unbelievable; but then again, the main cancer charities (CRUK-CROOK?) wouldn't want you to know that as they are now simply money factories and want every penny they can get for themselves.
     Throat cancers have exploded by 600%in the past decade (mocks the smoking ban benefits does that!) and will continue rising; the only and lasting cure being a total laryngectomee (voice box removal). What we aim to do is to diagnose BEFORE the cancer gets to the operable stage, ergo, you don't cure cancer you get rid of it from the very start! Find it early and obliterate the B*****D immediately, that is the primary objective folks. Follow our facebook page as well so that you can keep up with everything we are up to for I feel there will be some very exciting news coming soon.

The good ship "20-20 Vice" Cancer sails ever onward!

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  1. Excellent letter Phil! Let's hope a lot more join you and perhaps make UKIP reconsider.

    Do you have an email for Nutt et al if I wanted to send a note myself (less effective being a Yank, but perhaps still worth it.) ALSO: You may have sent that to Nutt, but you should make sure copies go out elsewhere as well and maybe add THEIR email addies here too. Otherwise Nutt may simply hit delete and all your work and possible effect will go for naught.

    Best wishes and Happy Springtime Phil!

    - MJM