Friday 25 October 2013

The call for JUSTICE grows

Smoking bans KILL businesses - FACT!

     Nice to see fellow bloggers picking up on the call for the prosecution of the charlatans of Tobacco Control and their accessories. It is now proven beyond reasonable doubt (and there's a term no longer used in our courts when it comes to smoking related offences) that the smoking ban is/has been the biggest single fraud of the past 300 years. 

Ruggles Brothers hanging
 Justice, for smokers, has been hung out to dry!
     Perpetrated by an unelected organisation that supposedly care for the worlds health, yet leave 2,000 per day to die in Africa and executed by smoker haters of every country. I doubt very much that any government envisaged the vitriol with which the FCTC would be executed when they were gently asked to sign the paperwork!
     How much has this gigantic fraud cost each country, and in turn, what has been the personal cost to each smoker & non smoker? 
 1/100th of what has been wasted would set me up for life!
     Don't look so surprised at the latter part "& non smoker" for I know plenty of 'non smokers' whose social lives have been slaughtered simply because they no longer have any smoker friends that bother to visit that once great British hub of social contact-the pub/club!
     I've spent more than 6 years trying to get the powers that be to see what a giant con this has all been and yet it seems that all I had to do was to ask the WHO to tell the truth about Air Pollution & cooking fumes-never mind diesel and other exhaust fumes! So we all now know what a giant con this was and just how stupid, gullible and easily led Mr Blairs Labour government really were by a mini Jihad known as ASH!
 "I wandered lonel as a cloud, spreading cancer all around"
     One of the worst things spawned from this debacle is the 'smoker hatred' created in some sad, really sad people. For instance we have this insane woman in Wales who decided that she was so contemptuous of a "smoker" smoking an e-cigarette she spat at him-worse-the spittle went in HIS mouth! Charming action from a supposedly normal, rational human being, who, just over 6 years ago would never have even thought of doing such a thing. The amazing thing is that she expected HIM not to puff away on his harmless ersatz cigarette in the bus station even though it gave off no harmless SHS. Perhaps she was concerned about Second Hand Vapes?
Phil Huxtable (representing), for Nicholls, also known as Dawn Wheeler, said she was upset at the time and understood it was wrong. She pleaded guilty to assault in front of city magistrates. Magistrates fined her £75, told her to pay £85 in costs and a £20 victim surcharge.

     Yet again we see the law taking the absolute p**s when it comes to smoking related court appearances. This female, supposedly human, reptile spat at another human being who was doing absolutely nothing wrong simply because she has been indoctrinated by the evil fraudsters above mentioned. Had he thrown a cigarette end on the floor he would have automatically received an £80 ticket. Had he refused to pay it and gone to court it would probably have cost him between £300-£500 but she is only fined £75 for such a disgustingly vile act on an innocent bystander!  
     Now the second point that needs to be raised is this victim surcharge codswallop. The gentleman was most certainly "The Victim" so why wasn't he awarded this phantom £20 that this vile woman has to pay? Who gets the £20 I ask? A shisha bar owner was ordered to pay £400 'VS' when in actual fact there were no victims as everyone inside the place was there of their own violition! But, in any event, this vile woman should have been exampled and made to pay her victim (literally) at least £200 for having to suffer such an indignity. Hope she hasn't got AIDS! Now I wonder what the outcome would have been had he slapped the silly cow? "SMOKERS ATTACKS WOMAN" - does that sound about right?
     Meanwhile, back in this crazy world of 'more moneis needed', so called scientists are looking into why NRT is a complete failure-probably because the e-cig (above mentioned) is exactly the opposite! It's probably because NRT is utter rubbish and does nothing to assuage the smokers 'thirst' for that long, cool, satisfying drag of inhaled smoke into the lungs. OK, so that's not everyone's cup of tea but it seems to assuage about 25%-30% of the worlds population on a regular basis. 
Similarly this mob are trying to figure out why smokers smoke, why they are addicted, why they feel they 'need the fix' (poor use of words but never mind eh!). It has not occurred to these "Dumbo's" that the answer is simply that people who smoke actually ENJOY smoking! Who needs nicotine? Why do they think that 'vapers' are equally happy puffing on their ersatz cigarettes-BECAUSE THEY ENJOY THE ABOVE DESCRIBED FEELINGS! There is no scientific basis to it, no mathematical formulae or any other reason excepting the fact that people ENJOY smoking! 
     Now when are the doom-meisters going to actually understand that simple fact and when are this government going to stop funding the shysters at ASH. I'll bet 'the Arnott' called an emergency meeting when the WHO announced their AIR Pollution news because she would immediately see that the WHO had simply 'sold them out'. Removing their legs from beneath them would be a more appropriate term methinks for with AP & home cooking on at least an equal basis to smoking, ASH have absolutely nowhere to go! So why are they still being funded? Ooh ar missus-the chiiildren!
     Cancer Research UKSimilarly, one of our loyal members is hot on the trail of those at CROOK (Sorry-CRUK) as they are now blustering the good bluster that the WHO didn't mean exactly that smoking was no worse, or more damaging, than cooking, air pollution, bonfires, BBQ's or anything else as smoking is still the biggest killer of all. Apparently, SHS, although now known NOT to be carcinogenic, still kills 11,000 people per annum in this country (shades of Jamrozik anyone?). Of course they have no proof of such but that doesn't stop them spreading misinformation from their website!
     In the face of all this anti smoking hogwash we find that one of our european neighbours has had enough of the poverty caused already. Bulgaria have ousted their government at the polling booths and the incoming Socialist Party are already rolling back the smoking ban to allow businesses CHOICE. It seems that former prime minister Boyko Borisov was not a popular man for caving into the WHO and their extremist demands!
former Prime Minister Boyko Borisov
former Prime Minister Boyko Borisov
former Prime Minister Boyko Borisov
Take note "call me Dave" - CHOICE. They have already seen the massive financial destruction caused by these silly & illiberal bans and as Bulgaria virtually exists on poverty it is obvious that they don't want to incur anymore!
Duncan Brakes of the Littlehampton Gazette lays it all out quite neatly here as he calls for the smoking ban to be relaxed. He quite rightly says
We know it has played a part in decimating the pub trade, with thousands of pubs across the country closing for good. The ban has contributed to tens of thousands of jobs being lost in the leisure industry, as not only pubs closed, but also clubs and bingo halls shut down.
Note that the Bulgarian socialists soon picked up on what we sent them re the destructiion caused by our intolerant ban and soon got an organising committee sorted to set about restoring their freedoms of choice. Shame the idiotic, gullible & spineless licensees (most of them anyway) in this country didn't do the same!  What did we have? 65,000 pubs & clubs was it? Yet only 4 people of note railed against this persecutionary piece of legislation!
So folks, the only question that remains is "how do we prosecute these blatant fraudsters"?


  1. There is no doubt that the smoking ban was brought in under False pretences, a wisp of second-hand Tobacco smoke could Never be proven to be harmful. The ban Was Discrimination of Smokers and still is, obviously the smoking ban Must be changed for more than that reason now we know from the WHO that other Indoor Risks pose even more of a danger and always have. This blog has always been instrumental at showing the Economic Disaster of the smoking ban and it is good to see the Bulgarian Government showing some common sense, it should always have been about CHOICE, both for Businesses and the Public and it is time that D Cameron followed and Reformed our Ban. ASH and the other false "charities" can no longer continue with their hatred of smokers or to receive the Taxpayer Funding they have been living off, they Must go. Once again D Cameron can fulfil his promises by getting rid of the Quango's as not fit for purpose.

  2. Great article again Phil. David Cameron get rid of ASH anon? Hes scared stiff of the health lobby the smoking ban would have been amended by now, if he wasn't. I expect hes got shares in big pharma anyway !
    Ash won't stop until tobacco is taken off the shelves, their aim is tobacco free now. They want to stop all smoking and have openly admitted that they are,against smokers.

    Ash are persecuting people that smoke for their perfectly legal lifestyle choice; introducing law, the smoking ban that disallows an identifiable group the freedom of right to assemble in any public building is discrimination and should be illegal. The price of uk cigarettes has been raised so much that smokers have to buy on the black market.
    Ash want to rid the UK of smoking and therefore smokers. Is the description smoker hate group so wide from the mark ? They have far too much power.

  3. Good article Phil, we all know that SHS is a con. B7

  4. "It has not occurred to these "Dumbo's" that the answer is simply that people who smoke actually ENJOY smoking! Who needs nicotine? "

    Coincidentally, I was pointing out much the same thing in a comment here:

    It's an article about how 'researchers' are scratching their heads about why smokers smoke. Huh?

    It ain't fuckin' rocket science...

    1. Interestingly I have just had a reply from Tory HQ stating that "at present there are no plans to amend the smoking ban". Now this is despite my disclosing to them the enormous number of businesses closing (not just pubs), the continuance of closures and henceforth the increasing rise in unemployment. Now as they have already declared that unemployment is a major headache as it costs them a fortune you would think that they would take these matters on board-but apparently not! So when the unemployment figures reach 3,000, 000 which they will do, and 20,000 businesses have disappeared, do you think they might listen then?