Monday 21 October 2013

ASH-in the dustbin!

Smoking bans KILL businesse - FACT!

     Can't fault the WHO on this one folks! They created the behemoth known as ASH (Action on Smoking and Health) via the RCP of course to do all their dirty work, do all their bidding and generally destroy the social fabric of this once great country - and now they have just as easily destroyed their credibility as they have obviously outlived their usefulness.
  The reason is simple folks. The WHO have just announced exactly what everyone has said for years-"air pollution is a leading cause of cancer"! Now those of you that follow this humble scribe will know that I have used one single picture throughout to display my contempt for the WHO, ASH, FRESH and any other anti tobacco regime which plunders from the poor to feed their own greed - in tobacco taxes to pay for their wages.

 ..... and here it is folks, breathe it in baby, breathe it in.....!
     You see, we always said that 'AP' was the leading cause of all cancers but we were shouted down by the financially involved, the finacially avaricious, the fear mongers, the perpetrators of anti-tobacco warfare. You see folks, they had to scream loudly, clearly & consistently that tobacco was the most evil drug, the most evil weed, the most injurious plant on the planet and that no one should even be seen to be using it as it (tobacco) was well on the way to wiping out 1/3rd of the planet. 
This is not to mention of course that it is deemed quite OK to smoke cannabis/marijuana etc! California have seen the potential goldmine in allowing growth & sale of marijuana and see it as a perfectly reasonable way out of a $16bn hole! (Same old story-follow the money).
 Air pollution, mostly caused by transport, power generation, industrial or agricultural emissions, and residential heating and cooking, is already known to raise risks for a wide range of illnesses including respiratory and heart diseases.
     Dr Kitty Little was ignored as a lunatic, a conspiracy theorist & even a second rate scientist by those in power as the WHOs agenda was already set, back in the 90's. They did not need some female with ideas of pollution endangering their gameplan, and nor did Big Pharma for they were the suppliers of the funding for this worldwide onslaught on tobacco.(Just think folks, we have been giving the WHO circa £26m per annum for years just for them to destroy our social structures, our economy and our way of life. How barmy is that?) How gullible are many of our politicians?
Research suggests that in recent years exposure levels have risen significantly in some parts of the world - particularly countries with large populations going through rapid industrialisation such as China.
     Now let me think..... what did Kitty Little expose all those years ago (?) ..... let me see now. Oh yes, well blow me down & shiver me timbers!

The real cause of lung cancer, according to another Oxford research scientist, Dr. Kitty Little, is diesel fumes. And the evidence here is much more persuasive. It includes the facts that:

  • tobacco smoke contains no carcinogens, while diesel fumes contain four known carcinogens;
  • that lung cancer is rare in rural areas, but common in towns;
  • that cancers are more prevalent along the routes of motorways;
  • that the incidence of lung cancer has doubled in non-smokers over past decades;
  • and that there was less lung cancer when we, as a nation, smoked more.
     She also upset many when she exposed the breeding grounds of the ILLUMINATI.
     Isn't it easy when you are a large powerful body? 
     Isn't it easy when every country contributes to your wealth?
     Isn't it easy to lay the foundations of corruption and then create willing believers with promises of '30 pieces of silver' to sell out your country? (Prime example being Liam Donaldson-ex CMO!) 
     Isn't it easy, with money, to create social mayhem, social destruction and social divides? And that is what the World Health Organisation have done, all based on the original suggestion of a lie by our very own lying, scheming, cheating CMO Sir George Edward Godber (see placard above).  Funny how they have given up on the illegal drug trade that kills without conscience!

     Godber lived to be 100, I wonder how much he cost this country compared to the smokers he hated so much who pre-deceased him and saved our government a fortune in state benefits? Of course there are plenty of smokers to have outlived Godber!

     He 'fostered'; it's no wonder that smokers can no longer 'foster' poor, lonely, homeless children! Frank Davis has a very good handle on the smoking densities here-well worth a look.
     ASH are no longer of any use, the WHO has ensured their demise as more & more truths emerge. For instance, lung cancer is no longer 'just a smokers disease' as it transpires that 80% of lung cancer cases occur in NON smokers! Now there's a thing!
The news comes shortly after it was revealed that even low level exposure to traffic fumes can increase a person’s risk of developing lung cancer.
     The myth was born, back in the 60's when Sir Richard Doll tied lung cancer to smokers-but he only studied smokers. Junk science had reared its ugly head even then! If you only studied one legged men you would certainly conclude that they probably didn't walk as straightforwardly as two legged men! That much heralded idiot Konrad Jamrozik decided that 1 + 1 = 11 and thus laid the foundations for people being convinced that SHS killed 11,000 people per annum in this country alone. Despite all protestations to the contrary CRUK refuse to remove this conclusion from their website. They are happy to 'live the lie'.
     The point about all this is simple. Now that the WHO have 'come out' and stated the truth, that being that air pollution, household cleaning materials, home heating & home cooking are all carcinogenic (SHS Isn't!) and all cause cancer, why are even in existence anymore? Are they going to convince MPs to ban breathing?
     Why are we wasting £1/2bn per month on a smoking ban that has blatantly failed in its quest to reduce smoking. Mr Cameron? 
     Mr Cameron, you promised to slaughter all these quangos. Why are ASH still milking the financial teat? They are no longer needed. Smoking rates had declined quite nicely on their own up to 2006 but all this bullying of those who make a lifestyle choice has urged more to start smoking. In actual fact you have promoted smoking far more than any fancy advert or brightly painted cigarette packet ever could. Congratulations to the entire swastika photo: Swastika swastika.jpg anti tobacco swastika photo: Swastika swastika.jpg movement for advertising that which they wanted to destroy-a stroke of sheer genius if you ask me!
     can pack up their old kit bags. Arnott can stop junketting around the world at our expense, spouting all about what damage tobacco may or may not do when she is filling the skies with carcinogenic vapour trails. Smokers have had 6 years of grief, hatred & bullying but now the lies have all been exposed, not only by the few that were willing to stick their necks out but by the perpetrators of this giant fraud themselves-the WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION!

Air Pollution

Industrialised/Cancer incidence = BROWN, I need say no more!
The endgame is he alright, the endgame for all this fanatical, hysterical  nancypants  who are convinced that they have the right to dictate others lifestyles for them. This smoking ban has proved three major points in reality:
You can kid all of the people for some of the time and you can do it through fear.
You can divide nations that had the fortitude shown at such as Dunkirk, simply by allowing them  certain wealth and then threatening to deprive them of that wealth.
You can swastika photo: Swastika swastika.jpgcreate hatredswastika photo: Swastika swastika.jpg by conning a nations leaders in the first place!

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  1. The latest bombshell from the WHO is the best yet, they are actually telling the Truth and it shows to everyone that the Smoking Ban Is Discrimination without any doubt and as we know, it is illegal in this Country. So unless this Government plan to Ban Transport, Industry, Heating, Cooking and so on in this Country they have to remove the Smoking Ban immediately or face very real legal challenges. There have never been any way to prove the dangers of SHS but now we know that "any" reason could be sited for ill health, something we already knew.