Tuesday, 27 August 2013

It always comes to those who wait

Smoking Bans KILL Businesses - FACT!

      You have to hand it to those Yanks, they've done it again yet this time they have created all the proof we ever needed (if we ever needed it) that STRESS is the biggest killer of all time. The smoker hating BHF babble on about cancer causing heart attacks, strokes, illnesses, deaths, terminal illnesses etc yet STRESS has always been the biggest cause of strokes & heart attacks and people's general lack of well being. And who could argue with that as governments worldwide continue their war on smokers/smoking as if the humble cigarette is the 'be all & end all' of mortalities.
Ohio University Campus
     We now find, from those very good people in Ohio (the Ohio State University actually), that stress help all those naughty little cancer genes to gallop around the body mutating at a much greater rate than they normally would-if they would at all ! Strange then that smoking is recognised as one of the greatest 'de-stressors' of all time! Professor Tsonwin Hai said:  
"If your body does not help cancer cells, they cannot spread as far. So really, the rest of the cells in the body help cancer cells to move, to set up shop at distant sites. And one of the unifying themes here is stress."

     Her researchers first linked the expression of ATF3 in immune-system cells to worse outcomes among a sample of almost 300 breast cancer patients. Experiments on mice then found those lacking the gene had less extensive spread of breast tumour cells to their lungs than ones that could activate it. So there you have it folks, governments purposely kill their electorate by simply implementing ridiculous, dictatorial laws that allow no freedom of choice! And the people 'who' should really be in the dock on a charge of causing mass murder are the likes of Margaret ChanFile:Margaret Chan - World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2011 crop.jpg all the way down to Arnott for persecuting smokers (who won't necessarily hold court to cancer) and enhancing their demise. So, where are plod to arrest these inciters of death, where are the European Courts of human rights to allow smokers to live, unmolested, in mentally stable societies that won't cause this abominable trigger system that enhances cancer cells to rampage and kill?
Bill NEWTON DUNNI have been having a most enjoyable exchange of words with one of my local MEPs, Mr Bill Newton Dunn (an ilLib-unDem for his sins) who cannot understand how I can possibly be 'for' those who choose to smoke when 'we know that smoking kills so many people each year'. I asked for proof of lives saved and received this  highly informed answer "How do you measure lives saved ?" Exactly! It cannot be done, therefore to state that all these anti tobacco measures WILL save lives is totally fallacious-but then that is all that TC do-mislead people, simply look at my 'lead portrait' on every blog! So far I have rebutted every argument that he has put forward but one thing he said has stuck in my claws -
"Politics is about elected representatives using their judgment to improve society. "
 Now what part of that statement proves that people like 'BND' are fair minded (LibDem don't forget) and are out to improve society when they happily vote for any tobacco restrictions knowing that it is going to cause more resentment and more hatred from the 25% who enjoy tobacco? Of course 'BND' uses the fact that members of his family have died from cancer-tell me a family that HASN'T lost a relative to cancer and I'll show you a liar! With the latest forecast that almost one-in-two of us will contract some form of cancer or other by 2020 it is an impossiblity for any family NOT to be 'crossed' by the disease-even Prof Jill Pell couldn't avoid that assumption - no matter how much she twisted her figures  ! Ask her here if she could manage to do so? (the answer might be interesting).
On the opposite side of the coin is another study that conclusively proves that smoking improves work situations/performances. Now there's a thing!

After 40 years of scientific research on the effects of nicotine, researchers now say that they have sound scientific proof that smoking and nicotine have a significant positive effect on human brain performance.

     As I said, now there's a thing! All the years of negativity about tobacco yet there is conclusive proof that the brain works better with nicotine. Oh dear me, I'll bet that little intrusion into the TC world has not been welcomed at all. Another statement that Chan and all/any of her cohorts cannot rebutt is the fact that as smoking rates decreased over the past 50 years, cancer rates rapidly increased-WHY? What possible reason can there have been for such an anomaly? The only conclusion that can be drawn is that tobacco is NOT the major cause of cancers and funnily enough CRUK's head honcho has now elevated Air Pollution to the top of the tree! This makes total sense as Camoron is still trying to sidestep £300,000,000's worth of fines from those thieves over in the EU imposed because our Air Pollution has failed all purity tests miserably! Yet the Dept of Health still speaw out the lies despite the truth being so obviously 'out there' - 3rd response from Sam Darnell has just confirmed the truth..... the the D o H are blatant liars!
     What is little mentioned by the media is the fact that the cost of implementing this ludicrous smoking ban is spiralling out of control as it amounts to roughly£1/2bn per month. 
     Now we have seen an upsurge in prosecutions of shisha bars over the past 6 months as local councils and their avaricious troops (otherwise known as EHOs) are making as much money out of prosecuting these businesses as they possibly can. Nasbouk was recently contacted by "The Economist" for an interview regarding the facts about shisha bars/cafes/lounges and a full, in depth explanation was given regarding the financial imput by the owners of such businesses, the horrendous impact of the smoking ban & the affects the ban is having on the Asian communities. NOT ONE WORD of this was mentioned! It was if "The Economist" (supposedly the name would infer financial matters of the economy) couldn't dare to mention the costs of this ridiculous law. The costs, it seems, is taboo. The cost, it seems, is irrelevant as the WHO (Warped in the Head Orgainsation) have demanded that tobacco be eradicated-mind you, 40 years ago they demanded that the illegal usage of drugs be eradicated and look where that got them!
     Interestingly nasbouk have now published their in depth survey of shisha businesses-it does not make pretty reading. The headliner screams at you:

92% of the shisha community DO NOT trust government - and who can blame them?
An in depth survey carried out by nasbouk.co.uk (National Association of Shisha Bar Owners) found that 92% of shisha business owners no longer trust government and 100% think that government should compensate them for their losses as the smoking ban is totally discriminatory!
     The full survey can be read here and has been sent to many media sources but whether any will have the balls to actually print the survey or truthfully report on the survey is a different matter for as I've already pointed out - the costs just don't seem to matter anymore! One Asian gentleman remarked that this situation was "Uganda all over again" - and didn't Britain create merry bloody hell about Idi Amin and his dictatorship ways?

            Idiot Idi & Dumkopf David-both happy to kill off prosperous businesses!

     And just to keep the old 'taste buds' flowing, the Working Mens Clubs survey will be released sometime next month. It was presented in the Club Journal to mark the sixth anniversary of this wondrous law that has still seen approximately 500,000 deaths per annum-despite smokefree everywhere! It will be very interesting to see what the clubs have to say after six years of forced socialising-forced to be without many of their mates that is! Also, interestingly, many hundreds of clubs have gone since July 1st, 2007 so you see folks, it's not just the pubs that are suffering!

     It matters not whether you smoke or not, the truth is that the smoking ban has to be amended to accept all people in order for this country to survive financially. Whilst the imbeciles (no names mentioned of course) try to lobby the EU for even more restrictions this country sinks further & further into the financial abyss. No one has yet come up with  viable alternative to the vast amounts of revenue that will be lost to this nations Treasury should these loons have their evil way and the EU simply don't care as they are too busy furnishing their own houses with 'carpets of gold'.
Mind you, I suppose that they could always employ smokers to lay those carpets as smokers are far better, far more alert workers!


  1. A very good piece yet again and I have to say maybe it is time for all to ask The Economist just what has been the Cost of Tobacco Control to Businesses, Taxpayers and the Economy in this Country. As far as Smoking is concerned and Brain power, the facts speak for themselves, we only have to look at our Gold winning Athletes, the Best this Country has Ever produced, All Smokers. Keep up the Good work Phil, very soon, common sense will be seen.

  2. We'll keep chipping away at 'em!!