Sunday, 30 May 2010

Jamrozicnon smoking related ?

Apparently, Konrad Jamrozic, arch enemy of 15 million British smokers and ex great friend of 14 of the SCOTH Committee has succumbed to a 'sarcoma' which brought about his demise yesterday. Aged only 54 he has left behind him many healthy, still breathing, unhappy smokers who have been smoking for as many years as he managed to exist. Quite ironic really!
Being the "scientist" who managed to manipulate statistics to such a level that the SCOTH Committee were so horrified we 'had to have' a total smoking ban, Jamrozic rose from relative obscurity to instant stardom in the eyes of the anti smoking brigade. Such was his elevation that 'his' study was considered far more important & conclusive than the top twenty studies in the world-including the WHO, Enstrom/Kabat and our own Health & Safety mob!
In fact, Jamrozic's cherry picked data (for his own statistical manipulation) was 'cherry picked' by the SCOTH Committee for their own people manipulation! Almost ironic that Labour no longer sit in power and Jamrozic no longer does anything!
Jamrozic died as he breathed:- anti tobacco and the illnesses it is reputed to cause. But there is a magnificent twist of fate to Jamrozic's demise.
Haveing googled 'Sarcoma@ I was enlightened by this page:- - and the first line clearly states "The cause of bone cancer is unknown". Aha! so smoking has not been attributed to Jamrozic's demise. It goes on to say, " but the tendency to develop it may be inherited." Aha! so we might be able to find the disease attributable to the mater & pater or even further back!
So, we have a great anti smoking zealot dying of a cancer that is not attributable to smoking-nor even SHS! Quite bizarre then that he should be the curse on our lives that ensured SHS be the cause of widespread business closures, countless bankruptcies, rocketting unemployment and the death of our internal economy!
I have no doubt that ASH et al will find a way to blame SHS for Jamrozic's demise but ask yourselves this. Would this man, in applying his 'scientific expertise', be seen anywhere near a wisp of smoke? or even a lighted candle? No. he would have spent the majority of his life in the most sterile of conditions, yet still succumbed to the BigC!
Jamrozic has proved, beyond reasonable doubt that we don't need to smoke to die of cancer-but isn't it strange just how many of us smokers are now outliving Jamrozic!

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