Friday, 26 June 2015

Petje af voor de Nederland - hats off indeed!

     Well, well, well folks! On the back of our letter to 'call me Dave', which of course he hasn't even bothered answering, we have fresh grounds to write to him in the hope that the useless cretin might suddenly wake up and do something positive instead of declaring more austerity measures!
     Today we learned that 'x' people were murdered in Tunisia, on a beach, by lunatic gunmen - one of whom, I can happily report, has been eradicated!
     The points we need to look at here are few, but fertile. 
a)... ISIS have already stated that British holydaymakers WILL be the subject of random attacks, executions, beheadings & general mutilations etc.
b)... ISIS have already declared that "their time has come "; ie, they have to rule the world - apparently Allah has said so!
     A French person was also beheaded today in France & another 25 people (at least) were wiped out in Kuwait!

     Now it seems to me that ISIS, and all other irrational muslims, feel that they can do what they want, moan about anything & everything that does not suit their obviously delicate senses and expect European governments to bend over backwards to accomodate their wishes whilst at the same time randomly killing people because they do not follow Islam! Isn't that slightly one sided I ask?
Today we found that more rage/hatred was created simply because a "Ramadan" sticker was seen next to a shelf displaying pork meat! (Why the outrage, was it actually stuck in the meat?) Only the other day a Tesco store was vehemently 'attacked' after they were spotted selling 'smokey bacon 'flavoured Pringles under a sign wishing muslims a happy Ramadan - remove the greetings sign: SIMPLES! Don't bother with niceties anymore as they are NOT appreciated!
The bacon-flavoured Pringles were placed under a happy Ramadan sign Were the deadly words actually touching those dastardly Pringles?
     Things have got to such a ridiculously distorted situation whereby muslims complain about anything and everything they feel duty bound to complain about - and it is now well out of hand. I haven't yet forgotten the poppy destruction that resulted in £50 fines, yet there was uproar when two Scottish people wrapped a bt of bacon around a mosque door handle for a joke..... and they went to prison! Teeny bit lopsided methinks!
     And what do we have here folks? Oh yes indeedy, 'call me dave' has CONDEMNED the shootings, pronounced his moral outrage at such events..... and ..... and ...... and....... sorry, that was it!

David Cameron announces that the Government's emergency Cobra committee will meet this afternoon following the terror attacks in France and Tunisia as he offers "our solidarity in fighting this evil of terrorism". (what gem is this I ask?)
Speaking at the end of the Brussels summit, he said: "This is a threat that faces all of us. These events have taken place today in Tunisia and in France but they can happen anywhere." (and that is what an Oxford education gets you-fancy words and zero action!)
      When is this buffoon going to stop licking ass (which he probably learned at Oxford University) and retaliate? When is he going to stand up and say "NO F*****G MORE!" When is he going to send in 'ground forces' to wipe these barbarians from the face of the earth and eradicate the very unholy threat of fanatical Islam? Islam is slowly taking over this country simply because Cameron has no bollox, no moral fibre, no guts! Oh yes, let's carry on with our idiotic 'austerity programme' & smoking bans (etc) whilst we keep giving the EU £60,000,000 per day and whilst we allow 500,000 immigrants per year to flood into this country - all the time tipping our economic balance the wrong way. What has he been promised by the NWO and/or Bilderberg mob? What was HIS price for selling out his country to an unelected governing body that refuses to take NO for an answer. Apparently we also held an "Emergency Summit" to discuss the Calais/Immigrant situation! The answer is simple my friends, it's blowing in the wind ..... when landing here (no matter by what means) simply pack onto onto another boat and return to 'from whence they came' - Calais!
     This EU crap about flooding europe with Africans is simply ludicrous for they are of no use to us and we cannot afford to absorb them: multiculturalism just doesn't work but when are the powers that be going to realise this simple fact?
Happily our friends over the water have now realised this simple truth, hence the title "Petje af voor de Nederland"! The Image result for pictures of the Dutch flagDutchImage result for pictures of the Dutch flag have declared an end to multiculturalism because they have finally realised that it just doesn't work. It's a bit late I know but at least the Image result for pictures of the Dutch flagDutchImage result for pictures of the Dutch flag are prepared to do something about the situation. Now then Dave, have YOU seen the light yet kiddo? When are you going to stop supporting this countries disastrous entry into the spineless nematode ridden EU? When are you going to stop being a traitor to Queen & country?
Ukip leader Nigel Farage 
Happily we have a hero in waiting!
     Happily we have a 'diamond geezer' leading the anti-EU charge, and by God sir we have the best man in the world to defend this country against the disgraceful corruption of Brussels. When we do finally get the chance to vote there is only one way to go folks.......

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  1. Yes, we wait and wait to see what Cameron is doing about the threat to this Country that he has helped to create, while we wait, the Islamic threat not only continues but increases day by day with more murders and more tragic news.

    When is Cameron going to take the action needed to get rid of the hate preachers and would be terrorists in this Country ?

    When is he going to outlaw all Islamic "courts" in this Country ? When is he going to Close the Mosques that are the breeding grounds for hate ?

    We must take control over our own borders, we must take control over our own Laws and way of life.