Saturday, 4 April 2015

The 'not so great' Debate.

Smoking Bans KILL businesses - FACT!

     No doubt many of the 7 million plus viewers of the 'Great TV Debate' were as angry as I. No doubt many of the 7 million plus viewers of the 'Great Debate' were as disgusted as I, but the fact remains that there were only two winners on the night - and only one of them was English! The only problem with 'little miss fishface' is that she was quite happy to break up the UK providing Camoron REMAINED as Prime Minister! The stinking hypocrisy on the part of Nicola Sturgeon in telling a foreign diplomat something that she dare not tell the Scottish people – namely that she’d prefer David Cameron to win the election – is typical of the wholly duplicitous campaign the SNP is running.
      With almost every breath, in public anyway, Scotland’s 'First Minister' tells the world that she "will do all she can to prevent another Conservative government assuming office after May 7." Yet, in discussing the general election with the French ambassador to Britain she tells a different story. Then, and presumably because she believed she wouldn’t be found out - but as Simon Johnson, this newspaper’s Scottish Political Editor, has discovered - she said she’d “rather see David Cameron remain as Prime Minister". She also declared that "she didn’t  see Ed Miliband as Prime Minister material". Not too difficult to see what hopes Scotland have for the future then is it!

Sad but YouGov poll shows:
 Sadly, the strongest speaker on the night (according to ComRes) was that despicable creature from Scotland, you know the one, it's her that jumped on the anti smoking bandwagon north of the border so as to ostracise good honest folk like Alan Auld - for whom the fight continues! She constantly stated that investment in the future, yes, investment in the future was the way forward but failed to recognise that while we are giving the EU some £60,000,000 per day..... err..... we have little to invest!
Of the home grown bunch, well let's look at the sorry state of our 'leaders' shall we?
Camoron was weak, though he did dodge a couple of bullets along the way and totally failed to combat any charges from a certain UKIP man!
Miliband was totally outclassed & out manouevred as he was nailed to the floor via Labours diabolical destruction of our economy. If he becomes PM then it will simply prove that there are more idiots in this country than is comprehensible!
Clegg is simply a lost cause, as are the hopeless ilLib unDems, though he did nail Miliband quite nicely!
Bennett (Greens) who's only causes seemed to be clamping down on tax avoidance and introduce “much-needed” extra green taxes-in other words..... MORE TAXATION!
Leanne Wood (Plaid CYMRU) the only person to back Farage (more on that) up was basically out to save Wales at no matter what cost!
Who won the leaders' debate?  
Nigel Farage........29.31%

    David Cameron..... 28.45% 
     Nicola Sturgeon..... 20.06% 
                                                             Ed Miliband..... 11.76%
 Natalie Bennett..... 5.11%
                                                            Nick Clegg..... 3.54%
                                                            Leanne Wood..... 1.77%
     As has happened in certain elections the LibDems were beaten again by the 'Greens', which basically goes to prove that they no longer have any part to play in British politics. In fact I will not be too surprised if the Cleggeron finds that the good people of Sheffield/Hallam remove him from power altogether on May 7th!
     What struck me was the way Nigel Farage opened the debate - straight for the throat, chucked a few facts & figures in and simply stood back to see what response he got. The answer: NONE! The other six simply ignored the facts & figures and rounded on him for bringing up yet another contentious point regarding immigrants coming here full of HIV and the impending costs to this country! And he's backed it up nicely too.
Yet again man in purple speaketh the truth!

     It is a sad state of affairs when you find that 86% of the debators are simply going through the motions of political posturing and ignore the truth that is so obvious. Why are the people of this country so scared of the truth? The answer is very simple actually!
We have, over the past two decades, been 'dumbed-down' by our politicians (Blair etc) simply to be conformists, simply to be 'yes-men' puppets too scared to say a word out of turn for fear of legal retribution; ie, loss of goods & chattels etc. As a nation, from the 60's onwards we began to individually gain wealth but that situation has evaporated (unless you are a drug dealer or politician these days) and because of that wealth accrued, many of us have become extremely covetous and exceedingly reluctant to give up any of what we have. Governments play on that fear of loss and so put through all those little laws that can cost us personal finance-after all who would dream that swimming into/above the Titanic at certain times would incur penalties-financial penalties? Blairs mob only (sic) introduced 33 new laws per month - purely to get more money out of the people & subdue them.
     The problem now is that the people are finally waking up to what is going on, but set against that is the government control over the media that has convinced the people that what they are doing is right-in every way. It's NOT! And, as the old saying goes: "Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Man". That man is Nigel Farage. A man that is not afraid of speaking the truth as it is, a man not afraid of exposing the hypocrisy of many in Westminster and a man that listens to the people! Now that is a rarity I can tell you. Farage employed the "HIV Bomb" as a weapon in saving the NHS - and he was absolutely right to do so. I am not racist in any way, shape or form but I certainly do not want some 'open-door policy' immigrant entering this country with HIV and using up money that I (born 'n' bred in this country) need for cancer treatments - or any other treatments as it happens. Why was Farage so wrong? He wasn't. He simply spoke the truth and only Leanne Wood ackowledged the fact that he was absolutely correct in stating that we cannot stop the 'open-door' policy as long as we are in the despicable EU - so 1 person out of 6 'got it', big whup! And that is why this country is doomed: we have to get out of the corrupt & very dangerous EU once and for all. I have always said that the EU only want us for our wealth and I don't think I am far wrong with that. The EU does no work, it earns nothing, it only takes from member states - many of which are now bordering on bankrupt so why in God's name do we want to be part of that I ask? 
     Listen to Farage's closing statement and the obvious will hit you in the face.
     It will be very interesting to see what happens on May 7th as I sincerely hope that the people in this country finally wake up, vote the only way they can possibly vote and give UKIP a damned site more than the dozen MPs I predicted over a year ago. I shall do my bit here and hopefully become a local councillor but this city is, regretfully, still very much in the grip of Labour voters who can see no further than the end of their noses. Still, from the little acorn doth the mighty oak grow and I'll happily be that acorn before the man with the scythe arrives - will you?





  1. Farage and UKIP certainly have grown in the last few years! I remember when they stepped in and saved the first TICAP Conference in Brussels after the Antismokers waited until the last minute to sabotage it. I remember that sabotage being so nasty and so outrageous that I spent several hours mistakenly reassuring people that it all must be an error or a hoax. Gawain Towler gave quite a nice address to the TICAP 2010 conference as well!

    Question: Your first "Who Won?" graphic came from YouGov, but did you note where the second one came from?


    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Sorry Michael.... I think it was the ComRes poll/survey. It's one of those "bugger it! where's that gone" jobbies! :(

  2. Ukip the only pro British party that tells the truth. Take a look around at what Britain has become --- UKIP are the only ones that can stop the anti British rot- B7

  3. Yes, the great British Debate, what a joke. The truth is Nigel Farage was the only one that has the guts to talk about serious issues that this Country must sort out if we are to move forward. Yes Nigel won the debate without doubt, if the other parties only offer "more of the same" there is no point in voting for any of them, they have failed this Country and it's people.
    I wish you well Phil in your Council endeavours and the more UKIP councillors we get the better, we must have change and the only party that can give us that is UKIP.


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