Monday, 3 March 2014

Pathetic Britain today

Smoking Bans KILL businesses-FACT!

     We are looking at a country today that bears little resemblance to the country I was born in! I was born into a country that respected peoples freedom of choice, of speech and religion - I won't be dying in that same country that is for sure. In fact, I think that there will be quite a few people who will be quietly pleased at my passing for they will then know that the letters, always asking those awkward questions, will cease to land on their desks.
Certainly NOT for the people who simply ask for their freedoms of CHOICE!

     There is a report in todays pub newspaper stating that pub closures are creeping up again - 26 per week > 28 per week. I say good! You might think me to be cracked in the head or '3bob short of a pound' but I no longer have any sympathy for a massive organisation that bowed down to government spin and empty promises of untold wealth once the "clean air drinkers" came charging down from the hillsides of Britain to replace the soon to be vanquished smokers. I always find it highly amusing that, having engineered this giant problem, Blair handed over to Brown 3 days BEFORE the law came into force!
I couldn't resist it folks, I simply had to place a suitable reply to all the bleating souls on there:
Prices always go up, utility bills always go up yet government, in listening to the fraudulent bilge that emanated from the World Health Organisation & "charities" like ASH, 68% (minimum) of the pubs regulars were wiped out with the most ridiculou law since the Clockmakers Tax of the 1790's.
I have absolutely no sympathy for Punch, Enterprise or any other mob that went along with all the b****x that was promoted to get the smoking ban into law. "Clean Air Drinkers"? Who ever heard of such rubbish yet the entire industry went along with it, so it's no good moaning now about closures, because mass closures were always going to be the inevitable result of agreeing to such a discriminatory law.
Are you all ready to stand up for the industry yet, get the much needed amendment which will allow a smoking room in pubs or are you of the mind to simply sit back and watch the weelky death toll rise from 26 > 28 > 30 > 32 and ever onward?
We [ ] have been patiently waiting for licensees to find some backbone and oppose this ridiculous total indoor ban which is costing this country (that's all of us) £1/2bn per month - now what could our NHS do with that to play with?
There should always have been choice and if you don't want smokers in your pub then all you ever had to do was to put signs up stating such!
It's time to stand up and be counted instead of being lambs led to slaughter!
     I have no doubt that there will be angry responses to my wordage but they cannot hide the truth anymore, they can certainly try and hide it (as the WHO & ASH did years ago) but they cannot deny that it is now out there-and it is these ideologists that will bring this country to its knees. Examples of it happening are in abundance, common sense has gone out of the window altogether as we seemingly welcome God only know how many Romanians & Bulgarians to our already overloaded country. 
 Romanian immigrant Simon Calin, 37, stole 54 bottles of Famous Grouse worth more than £1,000, magistrates were toldRomanian immigrant Simon Calin, 37, stole 54 bottles of Famous Grouse worth more than £1,000. Magistrates were told "it was his first mistake"-he'd only been in the country 9 days! He pleaded guilty to theft and failing to surrender. He was given an eight-week curfew and ordered to pay costs of £85 and a £60 victim surcharge. But in a final twist, the court was told he could not be sentenced to unpaid work as his English was not good enough to understand health and safety information.
     Here we have blatant theft of a 'grands worth of swag' yet this fresh immigrant (who has already run out of money and has no work) is fined a paltry £145.00 and given an eight week curfew..... err..... why wasn't this waste of space sent home, it would have been cheaper. His English language was not good enough to understand our H&S laws/rules so why was he allowed into the country on the premise of finding work-which obviously wasn't there? Now in comparison to that blatant, premeditated bit of thievery we have the amazing case of a cigarette end costing another 'grand'!
A motorist who threw a cigarette end out of her car window has been ordered to pay more than £1,000 after she refused to pay a £75 on-the-spot fine. O'Shea was ordered to pay a fine of £600, costs of £361.08, and a £60 victim surcharge.
     There is one very simple question here folks: "Did these two 'Police Community Support Officers' (plastic plods) actually see a cigarette end coming out of the window, or was it something else - and - did they produce the offending article in court with undeniable DNA proof that 'the item' was of Alexandra O'Shea's person? I doubt it very much because as we have seen before, EHOs, plastic plods and the police themselves are very prone to being taken at their word in any court - especially after the implementation of the smoking ban! Regardless of that I'm afraid that Miss O'Shea was remarkably stupid in not paying the original £75 fixed penalty-it gave the magistrates a license to 'print money' whereas their counterparts 'up north' knew that a penniless immigrant was NOT going to boost the judiciaries funds by very much at all. Miss O'Shea probably has a job too!
     Due to the massive influx of unwanted immigrants (to do the jobs that aren't even there!) we have all been subjected to the rigours of ATOS-the medical surveyors of all those disabled who are really 'fit for work'-the majority of course being merely fit for the 'knackers yard'! 10,600 sick & disabled people died last year within six weeks of their claim ending - how does that little fact grab you folks? That's how much this conservative government really care about the people on this island.
 A "VULNERABLE and fragile" man starved to death four months after most of his benefits were stopped and he was left with just £40 a week to survive on. Atos Healthcare – which assesses peoples’ ability to work on behalf of the Government’s Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) – assessed that 44-year-old Mark Wood, from Bampton, was fit to work. But at an inquest into his death..... !
Sorry, can't attend as I'm unfit to even stand up!    
     And to top that up we have this absolute gem where a Whitehall department sent letters to a woman demanding she make an effort to find work even though she was in a coma. You can't really make it up can you? The oDIouS & hIDeouS "Ian Duncan Smith", whose brainchild this medical disaster was, should be hung drawn & quartered for the grief he has caused to untold numbers of families. ATOS (so called Healthcare) simply don't care, they just want to grab as much money from the £500m contract as they can before they bail out altogether for they know that their despicable actions have caused much grief & hostility in this country. Can you hold a pen or pencil? If so, you are fit for work!
Welcome to Atos Healthcare 
The smiling face of ATOS (we don't care) Healthcare

     You see folks, it is a fairly simple mathematical situation we have here and you don't need to be Einstein to work it out. Apparently we have 2,420,000 unemployed people in this country though the actual figures with all things considered is actually double that) and those 2.42m people are all vying for the 181,000 available jobs - so why do we need herds of Simon Calins breaching our shores to fill the so called jobs market that is woefully short of the vacancies needed to accomodate the unemployed we already have?  

     Of course "Common Sense" seems to have gone out of the window, but then the way this country has been dogged by idiotic directives from Brussels it's not really surprising is it!
     Look at the terrible flooding of the 'Somerset Levels' pictured here.
Countryside chaos: flooding of the Somerset Leveld will have devastated populations of wildlife such as the water vole 
Drainage, dredging and general maintaince all ignored and this is the result
     No doubt the money set aside for these necessary actions (which do keep people in work) have been side-tracked for other purposes. There was one story that entailed an EU order that the land should be ignored so that when this inevitability did happen the land would become a bird/wildlife sanctury-how true that is I don't know but with the bureaucratic bilge emanting from Brussels who knows what is true and what isn't?
     The simple truth is that the EU is a self imposed parliament that we don't need any part of. They have already driven southern european countries into rather large financial black holes and simply want us for our created wealth. Lib/Lab want IN, Camoron sits on the fence with wild west style promises and we, the people, don't seem to have any say in what happens to us!
     Wrong..... we do have a say! We have UKIP, the party of COMMON SENSE and the only party that can rescue  a pathetic Britain as it stands today. ATOS, Immigration, our beleagured NHS & the idiotic smoking ban that is slaughtering once solid businesses have all played a part in driving this once great nation down-and time for a change. Italy created a "5-Star" shock in their elections-we need to do the same!
It really is that simple folks!


  1. Ukip are the only ones that can ensure National Survival.

  2. £ 1/2billion a month on the smoking ban is a staggering amount of money to waste.

    Pubs deserve all they get now though and by alienating 68% of their regular customers I m surprised that there are any still open.

    Germany has great pubs that accommodate everyone.

    The great British pub is dead, I doubt even UKIP could bring it back.

  3. The pub trade is dying but not dead and that's precisely what the health zealots want you to believe. Nigel Farage will never be PM but could hold the balance of power in a coalition government. We need smoking rooms in our pubs and clubs and we need a complete stop on immigration and rethink this open door policy to let unlimited people into the UK. Some immigrants are not trying to convince themselves having paid a few hundred pounds in tax and NI they are entitled to everything we have paid into all our lives. Immigrants should pay into the NHS etc, etc for a period of 5 years before they can claim free medical treatment.

  4. Pro choice campaigners warned just what would happen to our Pub and Club Industry if they brought in the Smoking Ban ( a ban that was Never asked for by the Industry, just a small anti smoking lobby ) indeed they warned of thousands of forced closures. We now know beyond Any doubt that their claims were Right and the anti smoking lobby got it so Wrong. So just what has the Conservatives done to amend this absurd situation, have they brought in Reforms to help save the Industry, have they got-rid of the Nanny State as they Promised, have they given the Businesses the choice to run their Own business without nanny state control, The answer is very simple, they have just sat by and watched as the Industry and thousands of jobs are lost and will continue to be lost and done absolutely NOTHING. Yes we must have a change in Government and yes it must be UKIP, a vote for common sense, a vote for the end of the nanny state, a vote for Real Choice for All.