Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The Good, The Bad & the idiots!

I find it absolutely incredible that the powers that be still beat the drum against the legal pursuit of smoking-especially when we are faced with severe 'austerity measures' thanks to 13 unlucky years of Labour misrule. That number, thirteen, is unlucky for we now sit in a vortex of financial misery thanks to allowing idiots like Blair, Brown & Darling to run riot with our finances to such an extent that it is almost impossible for us to ever 'get outaa dat shit'! We've even got the one eyed lunatic (Brown) to thank for selling off our gold reserves at a wonderfully low price!

Within those 13 years of misery there have been a number of deaths, most of whom will no doubt have been glad to leave this world of discrimination & hatred, a discrimination & hatred that has blossomed obscenely over the past 5 years. I talk of course, of the 'Health Lobby' who have been seen to move into such a position of power that Governments are scared shitless of them!

The Health Lobby contrived, through pressures of one type or another, to concoct an almost bulletproof facade concerning the death rates from smoking, passive smoking, being near a smoker, living in the same street as a smoker-even the same planet! It made non smokers out to be pious, wondrous creatures who could do no wrong as they trod the path of the righteous. ASH were lauded for 'their' work in revealing this multi-headed monster, yet they were only ever doing their masters bidding from day 1.

Let us consider a couple of points here folks. It is claimed that smokers die younger than non smokers (up to 7 years apparently!) so was Bertrand Russell supposed to die aged 105 instead of the paltry 98 years he did achieve? Henry Allingham died aged 113. Was he mapped out to live to be 120 then-had he not smoked? Do ASH have an ageograph of every single persons life expectancy-including those murdered, killed by acciodental means, during wars, plagues etc etc?

Age is bollocks, pure and simple! It is all mapped out in your genes pre birth so if 'BR' was destined to live to be 105 he bloody well would have done, even though he was a self confessed pipe smoker of some 70 years!

Let's look at the other side of the coin now. labour set up a 'crooked' committee, known as the SCOTH committee, which was to sit in session until they had found a case for there being no safe level of SHS. It's impossible to do but they managed it by ignoring the top 27 studies in the world on the subject and concentrating on the 28th-a study by a little known Austrian anti smoker known as Konrad Jamrozic.

Konrad Jamrozic 1955-2010 (cyclist and rowing keep fit fanatic who died of cancer aged 55yrs.)

Jamrozic somehow came up with a fantastical numerical decision that SHS killed all but the good Lord himself. But! the 'study' was so statistically flawed as to incur ridicule from his peers thus it (the study) was basically discarded-until SCOTH came along desperate for ANYTHING to support their needs. Jamrozics hitherto ignored statistical crap suddenly became all important and junk science just as suddenly became all important as 'the cause'was relentlessly pursued. Amazingly, this wonderfully incompetent junk scientist died in 2010 aged 55. The obvious question therefore is, did he die 7 years before his time or was that his lot on mortal earth? he was an ardent non smoker so he didn't shorten his life which leaves one to conclude that had he been a smoker he would have died aged approximately 48! Also, interestingly enough, Jamrozic died from cancer-yes, a non smoker dying from that which the non smoker tried to convince the world smokers died from! Jamrozic's cancer was a 'sarcoma', which in simple terms is a bone cancer for which there is NO KNOWN CAUSE!

Now let's forward to this year where we find Irelands Finance Minister, also an anti tobacco campaigner, trying to promote yet another smoking cessation aid which simply enriches the pharmaceutical giants at every selling point. "Nico-Bloc" is a very good product he says and we shouls all subscribe to such as it will help us give up smoking. Note that no-one has even asked us if WE even WANT to GIVE UP smoking! Yet again, it is decided that we ARE giving up smoking as it is for our own good. Pardon? Who, in any government, world-wide, has the right to decide what is good or bad for us? Bungee jumping is an exceedingly unhealthy sport-especially when the elastic band snaps! Ski-ing, likewise, as innumerable limbs are broken (including the spine), digging the garden even as many have had heart attacks pruning the flora!

We have another doyen of the anti smoking brigade spouting on about the 'dangers' of that which he himself didn't do, yet he also died from cancer-pancreatic cancer actually. Mr Lenihan left this planet aged 52, so does that mean that had he been a smoker he would have only lasted until he was 45? No, it's all bollocks as both men died when their allotted time time on this planet was up.

It seems very strange, when you actually think about it, that two great men who used their lives for the good of their fellow man (Russell & Allingham) both well exceeded their three score years and ten. They simply did their best for their fellow beings, creating a land where they could be free, a land free from petty dictatorships, a land that was free from personal interference & restrictions of rights, a land where civil liberties were respected.

Now skip to our other examples; dead at 55 & 52 yet they were interefering with all the above! They did not want their fellow human beings enjoying a legal substance (tobacco), they did not want a land where all would feel free, they wanted petty dictatorships to rule, they wanted to disrupt people human rights, they wanted civil liberties ignored when it suited them!

It seems that the good Lord saw fit to remove the evil from society sooner rather than later. man was born to co-exist not war within the confines of his own domain. How many non smokers die from cancer? How many smokers die from cancer? Forget all this crap about 'half of all smokers will die from smoking related diseases'-all of non smokers and smokers will die from heart problems! Once the heart stops beating it doesn't matter whether you smoke or not- YOU ARE SEVERELY DEAD!

What people need to understand is that smokers enjoy what they are doing, they enjoy a cigarette, it calms them, it pleases them, it puts them at one with the world! Non smokers cannot and do not want to undestand these simple facts of life. A smoker doesn't give a shit whether he/she dies aged 68 or 75, 82 or 89 for they are happy people who enjoy that warm, invading feeling as the smoke is drawn down into the lungs. Non smokers haven't got as clue how nice a feeling that is! They don't understand the peace it brings.

This law is so stupid that even the very obvious truth that it is unsubstantiated through true science is being ignored as the health lobby have now assumed an 'all-powerful' coat. But coats can easily be burned, especially if the cloth is costing the country a small fortune everyday there is complete lack of choice. Amazingly, there is absolutely no proof of a single life being saved-and nor will there ever be! However, what is abundantly clear now is that smoking bans kill businesses, kill the will to work, kill the will to live! How many people, good honest folk, have sunk their life savings into something called a pub only to see a government steal their money away from them without any form of recompense? I can think of 4 off the top of my head-£200,000, £90,000, £75,000 & £70,000. Without a doubt the smoking ban and the health lobby will kill the spirit of this country and I, for one, will laugh all the way to the newly built 'WorkHouses'!


  1. I'm amazed at how many people worldwide, powerful or no, that have fallen for the SCOTH and Jamrozic scam, I really am.

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