Tuesday, 3 August 2010

There's rebellion afoot

Over the past couple of weeks a new log has been appearing in Blogosphere. The Skull & Crossbones, except that the 'bones' are swords.
Johnny Rebel has caused a stir in Blogosphere with his no-nonsence approach to kicking back at a government that is fleecing smokers to pay for the quangos trying to banish smoking. Tax deprivation. Pure and simple.

To digress slightly, "Smoking Hot" describes the monstrous amounts this government takes from smokers in one of his blogs. £4.40 on 20 fags and £8.60 on tobacco (50 grammes). Now I'm sure that everyone will agree that on those figures we have got one almightily greedy government. No wonder they get about £11m per year.
Back to Johnny Rebel who's tactic is very simple. Tax deprivation. By that he means restrict the amount of tobacco tax this (or any other British Gov't) can collect. And, the simplest way to do that is to buy all your tobacco needs abroad. Let Bulgaria, Spain, Belgium, Holland, Germany amd others collect a bit of revenue from you and not this lot who want it by the bucketful! greedy Bar-Stewards!
Johnny Rebel has also set up a blogspot here:-
To get some momentum going it appears that some 'peel & stick' stickers have been produced for smokers (and sympathisers) to stick here, there and everywhere The message is quite clear

Join the Resistancee
Stop ASH from using YOUR money against YOU-the smoker
Stop CRUK from using YOUR money against YOU-the smoker
Stop this government from using YOUR money against YOU

Smoking is legal, smoking is enjoyable to millions, tobacco is a multi -£billion industry worldwide that employs hundreds of thousands of workers. Don’t let them use your tobacco taxes against you. Buy your tobacco & cigarettes from abroad. It is perfectly legal to do so for personal usage!
The Resistance.
Stop funding the Smoking Ban. Buy your tobacco Abroad.

It couldn't be much clearer could it! This government (well, the schoolboy half of it) couldn't give a toss about smokers rights so why should smokers give a toss about government coffers?
I'm sure that details of sticker availability will soon appear on http://www.resistance-rebels.blogspot.com/ very soon. Have fun!

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