Friday, 26 March 2010

Sublime to the Ridiculous

Nick Hogan update

Today we are greeted with the news that our imprisoned, but now happily freed licensee, Nick Hogan has been confronted with a knife weilding lunatic for simply obeying the law that put him in prison in the first place!
Apparently a customer (male) was highly upset at being ejected from The Swan With Two Necks, in Chorley, for smoking inside the pub. Correct procedure according to the law! The law does not actually state that a licensee should throw a smoker out in bodily fashion but it 'expects' the licensee to ensure that no smoking whatsoever takes place inside the designated area. (Hmmmmmmm!)
You can imagine the shock when this extremely agitated 'ex' customer returned at about 3am brandishing a large carving knife, obviously intent on venting his wrath at the previous indignity.
Blogosphere collected more than £9,000 in a mere 5 days to secure Nick's release from a totally wrongful imprisonment which just goes to show the strength of feeling amongst smokers & non smokers in this country of ours. ASH, on the other hand did not amass half that amount from public donations in an entire year! The true strength of feeling s about the smoke ban methinks!
When you remember that Nick Hogan was forced to sell both Bolton leases due to dismal takings since the smoking ban was enacted and went to prison because he allowed customers the right to choose-smoke or chew NRT gum, it is a ridiculous scenario whereby this government forced him into poverty, forced him into renovating his present pub into some gastro haunt with what monies he had left and then imprisoned him after bankrupting him through extortionate 'costs' incurred by the council in pursuit of their prosecution.
Had Nick called out the Environmental Health Officers to deal with this knife waving lunatic he would have been waiting all night (and probably all the next day) for they could not prosecute a licensee in this instance - only a smoker, which represents a £50 penalty. Chicken feed.
Also, it must be noted that these officious little Hitlers are not empowered to make an arrest, chuck bodies out of pubs - or anything else actually. They are simply overpaid, reptilious revenue collectors for HMG!
Now, a question arises here folks.
Had Nick HAD to confront this cretin and his carving knife and been injured, would the Victims of crime support agency have awarded him nearly £9,000 for upholding the law - far and beyond the call of duty? I don't think so.
The police are now searching for the nutter-good luck there then!Where were they when they were needed to perform their duty?
Yet again this idiotic law, at the behest of the likes of ASH, CRUK etc has proven to be totally unsafe, ludicrously implemented and yet another licensee could have been seriously injured. but the anti smoking lobby are rubbing their hands together in glee as their anti smoking strategies divide the people more and more, close more businesses and put more licensees in danger of severe physical harm.
The people need to start banding together to defeat these zealots before this country is totally ruined and all our freedoms have been obliterated. ARE the very basis of the people power that is needed. How many of you simply sit back and say, " I wish i could do something about it"? You can. Join with the nations leading PRO-CHOICE organisation and help to stop this destruction of our communities, our businesses, our freedoms & our human rights!

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