Saturday, 25 July 2015

You reap what you sew..... !

Smoking bans kill businesses - FACT !

     Laugh? I laughed my socks of at the total absurdity of what is now emanating from the worlds smoke ban capital..... California! They are so nuts over there that smokers have virtually been branded as witches, warlocks, devil worshippers & anything else that comes to mind.
     Remember when the smokers said that there were more dangers in a BBQ than in SHS - even though SHS was deemed the worlds greatest known killer (!)? Remember when it was proven that the dioxins from a BBQ amounted to the equivalent of smoking 200,000 cigarettes but the the anti smoking brigade scoffed & derided such claims?
     Remember (and I truly wish I could find the report/picture) when that stupid woman complained about cigarette smoke from her neighbour yet she was standing amid untold amounts of BBQ smoke?
     Well folks the time has come for great rejoicing & much stamping of feet in jubilation for  all this ridiculous 'stink' & 'disgusting pollution of the air' has now come back to haunt the neer-do-wells of this world!
     Enter Mr Scotty Jordan, a simple Florida home owner & keeper of the peace-but watch this video for you will not believe you eyes/ears!The video shows Pinellas County Environmental Specialist Joe Graham discussing the alleged infraction with Jordan and friends after a nearby neighbour alerted the county office. His most heinous crime? Using his BBQ to cook some food! 
     Now surely, you would think that the common sense factor regarding human v human cannot sink any lower..... but it does my friends as this idiot goes on to explain that perhaps Scotty Jordan should move his BBQ position if the wind happens to be blowing in a different direction (0.44 into video)! How do you move a brick built, concrete based BBQ as many are conformed these days? And of course, who knows from one day to the next where the wind will be coming from?
     Then we have the 'observation' from Pinellas County Environmental Specialist Joe Graham that he can see lethal, all pervading BBQ smoke! OMG-yes-SMOKE (2min:50sec in)-call the fire department immediately in case a burger gets cooked(neighbour already has done apparently on previous occasions!) It transpires that smoke on your own property is fine but should it drift over to a neighbours property (even the other side of the street apparently) it becomes an environmental issue, which means that the state can get money out of you..... for a perfectly normal everyday activity! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
     Now the burning question here (no pun intended) is, how high does the smoke have to reach before drifting across any other properties so as to be deemed "NOT A NUISANCE". Do all BBQ'ers need 20ft high chimneys, 50ft chimneys or even 100ft chimneys to be safe from misery guts neighbours & idiots like Joe Graham.
They came for the smokers..... who did nothing
They came for the drinkers..... who did nothing
They came for the fatties......... who did nothing
Now they come for anything & everything, the age of intolerance is upon us!
     Now what strikes me quite clearly is the following:
     As we are now allowed to take legal action against all these things that cause public nuisance and we actually have Environmental Officers like Joe Graham, can we not lay a complaint against every dirty stinking bus, every dirty stinking lorry, every foul fume emitting car simply because they are invading our space with their intoxicating & suffocating filth? Where is the difference?
Neighbour lights up BBQ - call an EHO out: they cause an odour you dislike!
Neighbour starts up the car - call an EHO out: they cause an odour you dislike!
Bus trundles past your property -  call an EHO out: they cause an odour you dislike!
     You see folks. you always reap that which you sew, only this time what 'they' have sewn is going to bite 'them' on the ass! We all now know that smoking bans were nothing to do with health and that the only argument they had left was the smell of burning tobacco (much arm waving & wrinkling of faces etc) so laws were brought in whereby people indoors were smoke free-but now they want outdoors to be smoke-free as well. I can see a whole heap of fun being had with this latest 'property line' v smoke situation..... can't you???
No difference eh, but let's moan anyway!!!

Monday, 20 July 2015

Does Brighton still Rock?

Smoking bans KILL businesses - FACT! 
A little note to Brighton's 'Consultation Chairman'

Dear Daniel,

    I have read, in total disbelief actually, the proposal to 'ban' smoking on Brightons famous pebble/stone beach. The actual composition of the beach is immaterial but the proposed ban is not! Allow me to quote from a daily newspaper if you will?

a)... "Cigarettes could be banned on beaches in Brighton to keep the seaside smoke-free"
    Smoke free Daniel? How is Brighton 'smoke-free' when the place, like all busy towns/cities, is inundated with road traffic-both petrol & deisel? have you fallen for the simple histrionics created by such as ASH, CRUK, FRESH et al and consider that the merest whiff of cigarette smoke will kill - and ignored the fact the exhaust fumes do! Even the World Health Organisation has backed down from the lies, fabrications, manipulated statistics & junk science used to inaugurate these bans in the first place-simply because THEY are now in place! SHS is harmless.

"It is part of a consultation asking residents if they would support a move to extend smoke-free outdoor areas..... "
    And may I ask the obvious question regarding this 'residents quiz', "how skewed is such a questionnaire when it is known that 75% of the residents are non smokers in the first place?" Also, how you guarantee that won't get involved to ensure that the figures are even more skewed in their favour? You might not have seen the twists & turns these people are capable of (outright lying is only one of them) but I have..... on numerous occasions!

Board chairman Daniel Yates said: 'We're keen to keep people safe from the effects of smoking in public areas, especially children who are most vulnerable...."
                                                       2 weeks old & already smoking!
                                                                   (says it all really!)
     'Safe from the effects of SHS/smoking in public places???' You have already fallen into the chasm of anti smoking rhetoric as you actually think there is harm from smoker emittences whilst in the open air! Let me ask you a simple question Daniel:- "when are you going to ban buses from entering Brighton's town centre or close Pool Valley Coach Station so as to avoid all those coaches from belching out life threatening exhaust fumes? Do you, personally, have any idea how many carcinogens/dioxins burst forth from the exhaust pipe when a coach/bus is actually started up Daniel?

d)... "
Smoking is one of Brighton's leading causes of premature death, and the proposed smoke-free areas are the places where children are most likely to be present ."
   i)... Daniel, this is so easy to destroy my friend and if you are a principled man you will convey this to your committee-who obviously need educating with truth! To start with there is no such thing as a 'premature death', the reason? Simple. Look very carefully about your person Daniel, and your partner as well (with a microscope if necessary) and tell me where abouts on the body it states your predetermined D.O.D (date of death). I'll give you 100 years to find it, knowing full well that it does not exist. What does exist is a medical/mathematecal trickery of figures which has everyone thinking that if they 'peg-out' before their "three score & ten" they have been cheated of life! This of course is utter hogwash as not one person in this land has a predetermined lifespan-any of us could die at any time. Therefore the myth that smoking/SHS causes premature deaths is simply that - a myth. Ask your committe this simple question Daniel please: "why were/are the six longest ever living people on this planet smokers?" You could also ask this rather unsavoury question too: "why did Mr & Mrs Smith's baby only live for 3 minutes-even though birthed in the most sterile situation possible?" You see Daniel, no single person knows, at birth, just how long another person will live but 'the myth of those two words (premature death)' is very, very useful to all anti smoking zealots but also something that Arnott & Co won't discuss with me at length!

                                                            A truly gruesome sight!

    ii)... "where children are most likely to be present". Now Daniel, please don't tell me that you have been sucked in by the anti smokers last resort - using the 'cheeeeeldren'! let me ask you another question Daniel: "why are we living in an age where our welfare costs are reaching such monumental proportins that soon we won't be able to retire until we are actually 100(!)?" The answer my friend is very simple. All those very naughty babies born in the aftermath of the war (late 40's & 50's) have had the audacity to continue well past their aforementioned three score & ten! In other words, all those naughy babies growing up when smoking rates were in the 70% regions (oh yes they were my son) were basically immune and that is why we now have more than 10,000 centenarians in this country! The Thalidomide drug caused far more havoc than any smoking did! The 'cheeeeeldren' are trotted out at every single opportunity nowadays-and they always will do as they have nothing left in their armoury simply because no bar-staff ever dropped dead (as supposed by ASH et al initially) and never will!

e)... "
The proposed plans appear designed to make the places like parks and and beaches, often very busy during school holidays, a safer place for children to play." Note the words 'appear designed', one of their favoured buzzwords akin to 'could be', probability of', 'maybe', 'possibly be', might be' and a whole host of others designed to bend the mind! Note again, as above, the use of the 'cheeeldren' - they never stop!

Brighton and Hove's director of public health Tom Scanlon said: "Tobacco smoke typically contains more than 170 toxins including carcinogens and air pollutants." But has he told you or stated the number of such in a single 'blast' from an exhaust pipe or of the 200,000 dioxins emitted by our much loved BBQ's during the summer months? has he told you of the arsenic or formaldhyde in our drinking water or even the chlorine? I'll bet not! Mr Scanlon simply trots out the age old 'safety net' answers when needed, nothing more nothing less. he knows just how gullible people are thus talking in BIG numbers is an easy game to learn & play! One quick question for the most eminent Mr Scanlon, Daniel: "could the most honourable gentleman please tell me exactly how many people have died from actual smoking, in Brighton, in the past 100 years; ie, how many death certificates can he produce for me?"

      g)... Mr Scanlon continues with the most feeble of 'finishers' by stating: "Outdoor tobacco smoke dissipates more quickly than indoor smoke but in certain concentrations and weather conditions it still poses an additional health risk to non-smokers.' Pray ask him what these 'certain concentrations' might be and also what 'weather conditions' we might be talking about because more than 50 years of thorough research has only ever proven cigarette smoke to rise vertically and disappear altogether! The second strange thing being of course that the World health Organisation have now classified SHS as HARMLESS! Now there's a thing, for a decade ago it was deemed more toxic that 'sarin gas'-which of course is used extensively in germ warfare etc!

So Daniel, as your survey of local people continues, even though skewed, and your anti smoking/anti tobacco mobsters force regulation after regulation upon the poor beleagured smokers have a quiet word with yourself and ask the question: Can Britain/Brighton afford to lose anymore businesses (pubs, clubs, coner shops etc) and can Brighton afford to see it's valuable tourism trade diminishing on a yearly basis. Just think Daniel, this idiotic smoking ban now costs this country in excess of £1/2 bn every single month - now what could that do for the  Royal Sussex?

How many nurses/doctors could that buy? How much more urgently needed equipment could that buy Daniel? You embrace people of many sexual orientations in your town yet you wish to demonise 25% of your population simply because they choose to smoke. When do you start demonising the 99.2% that choose to enjoy sugary foods, sugary drinks, sugary sweets etc? Will they no longer be allowed to sprawl out on the stone/pebble beach that Brighton is famous for?

As for the law, well, the law clearly states that smokers must NOT smoke indoors or inside of any business premises. Therefore they have to be outside, in all elements, to enjoy their chosen smoke. I do believe that Brighton Rock beach be an outside area so how are you proposing to police such a ridiculous proposal? To police such a creation will detract from your decreasing police force from catching criminals worthy of catching! Do you reaqlly want to leave the good people of Brighton open to mass criminal abuse?

Now I know the question that is burning with you Daniel so I am sorry that I am going to disappoint you somewhat but I am a non smoker, I was diagnosed with cancer in 2010 and yes, I defend smokers rights to exert their freedom of choice. Smoking doesn't bother me in the slightest-even though the anti smoking lobby whipped up a frenzy of hatred against smokers. People still think we live in a democracy but I'm afraid that the unforgivable Mr Blair changed all that in 2006 when the so called "free vote" was forced/whipped through parliament.
I do hope that you don't succumb to the fraudulent claims of ASH et al as they have only one agenda: the complete eradication of smokers & the tobacco plant. People will still smoke if they want to, no matter what the substance used and don't forget that the war on drugs has now officially ended as the authorities have found they could not win-despite throwing some $50trillion at it.
Such a shame that Brighton might not be rocking anymore Daniel.
Perhaps more of you might like to voice your opinions to Daniel!
Best wishes

Phil Johnson

Update: we now have the link for the council consultation: